Hand-tailored clothing has always been for the well-to-do: refined elitist fashion that fits like a glove but can cost an arm and a leg. Or at least it was, until word got out among savvy travelers about a tiny coastal town in the middle of Vietnam where hundreds of shops filled with fine fabrics and teams of skilled seamstresses lined the streets.

In Hoi An, a few hours south of Hue, even paupers (or in this case, budget travelers) can arm themselves with enough handmade stylish shoes and suits to pass as kings. Hoi An is worth a stop because the clothing discounts are deep and the textile temptations are many. Still, too many days in this tourist-ridden town can result in major headaches and a serious blow to an already tight budget. With these seven tips, travelers will avoid first-time tailoring mistakes, learn how to find the best shops for clothing and shoes, and leave with their wallets (and their sanity) intact, too.

t’s easy to get caught up in the purchasing madness of custom tailoringitailo 1.jpg—especially in Hoi An. It’s practically the only industry in this tiny town, and an opportunity to try or buy can be found on every corner. (And everywhere in between.) But handpicked items cut and sewn to personal specifications ring in at a price less than a t-shirt from Target, so adding just one more seems like the right thing to do. But one more can quickly turn to five or six. Fifteen dollars easily becomes $85. And while the blow to a budget is bad enough, the damage to a backpack can often be even tougher to handle. Tailor made suits aren’t the easiest things to pack, after all.For more details click the link .

Nowadays online tailored suit design is the best way when compared to the hand tailored clothing . It saves our time and money. Custom suit design script are available to make the online suit design websites.



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