As the team and I continue to grind behind the scenes and prepare to launch a whole new Articles of Style (including an updated version of the much-requested Stye Guide), I’ve been going through the archives and editing some of our top articles from back in the day. As some of you may remember, two years ago I did an extensive “Guide to Bespoke Tailoring”, with all kinds of information. The article needed some tweaks and some updates, so over the next couple weeks I’ll be sharing tips, experiences, and discussions on tailoring, wardrobe building, alterations, etc.

To start, here’s 12 things you should know before buying a bespoke suit. As always, if you have specific questions, feel free to hit me in the comments section below

Fabric Comes First

There are a thousand ways to sew a suit, but the garment is ultimately only as good as its raw ingredients. Fabric selection is the most important decision you will make when designing your new bespoke suit.

Trust NobodyShirt Design Custom

Because this is a business where manufacturing begins after the sale is complete, and most clients aren’t well versed in the nuances of tailoring, the ugly truth is that custom suit iss a very shady industry.You can also select your fabric through the online shirt designing script.

HOW it’s made over WHERE it’s made

The quality and attention to detail of overseas manufacturing can vary greatly from one workshop to the next, but on the whole there have been enormous strides made in the past decade or so. “Made in China” doesn’t mean it’s crap, as long as the person in charge of the manufacturing process is careful,  diligently, and honest. I have an article coming up about the questions to ask to determine the quality level of tailoring… Stay tuned.Today online suit design plays a vital role in shirt designing.

Understand the shop’s “House Cut”

Every bespoke shop has their own opinion on how a suit should be cut to best flatter a man’s body.

For example, traditional British shops, like the esteemed tailors on Savile Row, tend to cut with larger allowances (the difference between a client’s body measurements and the measurements of the finished garment) for a roomier fit with a smoother “drape”. English tailors also prefer heavier cloth, a lower gorge line (the seam where the collar meets the lapel) and more overall structure to the jacket (stiffer chest canvas, thicker shoulder pads, etc).

Get to a stable body shape before ordering

If you plan on going through any major body transformations, wait until you reach a stable weight that you are happy with before investing in custom clothing. And make sure it’s a weight you can maintain!

As an added bonus, an expensive custom suit will probably be your best motivation to stay in shape. see more @ link

Today in online tailored suit design all the above steps are available.They are designed through the shirt design script


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