Most men wear dress shirts that do not fit them properly.  By wearing a shirt that fits you properly in the neck, sleeves, chest, and stomach you will not only stand out but you will improve your appearance dramatically.

Online  designed shirt makes the perfect fit for an individual. One can design their bespoke shirt on the online  itself. shirt design website are created by tailored shirt design.

The fact that most men wear shirts that are too large has to do with the basic problem with off-the-rack clothing; you only have so many choices.  With every man having a different physical profile, it’s impossible for large scale shirt manufactures to build a garments that fit everyone; they try to get around this problem by building shirts for the mythical average men.  Perhaps you’ve met them: Small, Medium, and Large.  The result is that you end up finding a shirt with the right sleeve length, but the shoulders, neck, and chest are too large. 

When you find something that fits in the chest, you find that you need another inch in the sleeves.  And so you make do: don’t.  I highly recommend a man consider custom shirts if he wants a proper fit.  Unless you are very lucky or find a brand that used your profile as one of its mythical men, your time is better spent focusing on what fabrics or styles to choose.  There are many companies out there that can build a much better shirt for the same price you’ll pay for a name brand off the rack one.

Whatever it is worn with, a shirt should fit snugly without restricting movement. Just as the shirt protects the jacket’s lining from absorbing too much grease and sweat from the skin beneath, an undershirt can take the brunt of perspiration to keep a dress shirt looking fresh all day and extend its life. If the shirt is to be worn open-necked, a crew-neck t-shirt will peek out below the throat, an adolescent look most men do well to avoid. V-neck tees are much safer. Some men prefer to feel the dress shirt’s finer fabric against their skin, and forgo an undershirt altogether.fitttttttttttt




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