San Francisco is a pretty casual city, but there’s still nothing like a dude in a suit, especially when that suit is custom-made, and he designed it himself. Klein Epstein & Parker is a crazy-classy shop that opened up recently in Hayes Valley. They’re all about changing the perception of what it means to shop for a suit. Instead of having to pick the least-worst fitting suit from existing options, men and women can get in on the experience by designing their own clothes and having them tailor-made to the measurements of their body.KE&P participated in our most recent Hayes Valley Microhood, so we sat down with founders Miray & Jeroen Bik to find out more about the shop and what they do.nw fit.jpg

What’s your favorite aspect about what you do?

We believe that what we actually offer is so much more than clothes. Sure, it’s what we sell, but for us it’s really about helping our clients find their own style and bringing their voice to the world through feeling proud of how they represent themselves. The “secret sauce” of what we do is in the structure, fit, and feel of our garments. The choices and details are fun, but it’s all about how you feel that’s the real reward. We have a deeper purpose and mission with which we conduct our relationships. We seek to honor each individual and be a trusted friend along his or her journey.see more @ link

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