A great option is to get a custom shirt, either in person at a tailor shop or from online retailers like Ratio Clothing or Proper Cloth. But if you prefer to shop in a store or from a brand you trust, here are 10 versions of the white shirt from reliable, top fashion labels. I’ve highlighted which ones are suited to which body types, and for what occasions. There’s a shirt here for you, I promise. Now go and buy 12 of them.

White poplin shirt, Hugh & Crye

The experts behind the shirting company, Hugh & Crye developed a sizing system called the fit finder, where men can find dress shirts based on their body type. Fits range from short/skinny to tall/broad and are offered across 16 sizes. First, find your fit: Answer a few basic questions, and punch in your height, weight, and body type. Second, shop away.

White shirt, Ralph Lauren Black Label

The Ralph Lauren Black Label shirt is made of 100 percent cotton, which is thick enough not to be transparent and feels like a soft jersey. The tailored sloan oxford shirt features a trimmed silhouette, and the sheen makes it appropriate for black tie.In the online shirt designing website we can select the fabric  for the shirt. we can also design our shirt for our opinion.So to start a shirt designing website  Custom Tailoring site Script  are available online.

White royal slim-fit oxford shirt, Charvet

Charvet is a high-end Parisian shirt maker that used to design custom shirts for kings and the royals. That’s luxury. If you really want a special experience, and a shirt to match, you can get one made to your exact measurements from one of 6,000 fabrics in Charvet’s Paris shop.read more  @ site.itailor newwwwwwww.jpg


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