Today Tailored suit are Designed through the online shirt designing website ,these websites are designed through Custom clothing site Script .It reduces the work of the tailor to take the measure, the online shirt designing website make the customers to design their own bespoke shirt .

The bespoke suit, you have thought  You are a gentleman, attentive to every detail of your style. Or do you tend to those who prefer simplicity and comfort without fuss. But you never dared to use the services of a tailor . It is time to take the plunge and opt for a bespoke suit: elegance nip and tuck.

For most of us, even those that pay maximum attention to their clothing style, ready-to-wear is often the preferred solution. In terms of costumes in particular the major brands dominate the market. And if their quality is not to question, they sometimes lack that extra bit of soul, originality or that the personal touch that make the true elegance. Not to mention that even among brands, cuts are not exactly made for you: shoulders too broad, too curved jacket, pants too tight … It is not uncommon for the costume needs some touching up. So why not not be decided squarely for a bespoke suit? Nec plus ultra of elegance to men, it fits your criteria of comfort, style and material. The tailor will guide you, advise you and you sign a bespoke suit that will be yours and yours alone.

A customer model

A lot of men who make an appointment to get a suit tailored have around thirty. These are usually young professionals, seeking to find a suit personal comfort, and in one subject and a cup which they themselves have chosen. They are also awaiting personalized service and quality.
There are basically two types of customers. A customer is loyal, returning frequently to renew his wardrobe and which adopted the measure for costumes, and a clientele more volatile, generally that of the groom. If The first category immediately or after a time, a fairly clear idea of what it wants, however the second more often need to direct. The great advantage of the bespoke suit is the freedom of choice, Choice of fabrics, choice cuts, choice of form, choice of details. Some clients know from the outset exactly what they want, but most of the time the stylist will have to an adviser and guide, to help the client make his choice. Fit4bond Custom Shirt

Measure for Measure

On first contact, the designer tries to define customer expectations. Is this a costume or a professional suit for a great event? Is this a seasonal suit or a custom suit for the whole year  According to these criteria, the designer will offer shades of colors in several types of fabrics and after different qualities in the fineness of the yarn: 100, 120, 140 and beyond. The higher the thread is finer, the fabric will be quality. According to Mytailorstore, the choice of fabric is crucial for a bespoke suit, and it’s the details that a tailor takes its game (no pun intended): “We try to offer our customers a wide range of materials, qualities and price points. Among our key suppliers we have Loro Piana, very good Italian fabric, Holland & Sherry, including the English, who produce an excellent quality tweed, and Ermenegildo Zegna, which is renowned World.see more



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