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Contrasting Shirt Elements

Contrasting collar undersides, shirt plackets or cuff linings are one of those details that can make or break a shirt. For anything other than a casual shirt, they are not really suitable at all but at the end of the day it depends on your style. Use them wisely and they can elevate the shirt to a new standard, go overboard and you may end up looking clownish at best.

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In my opinion, contrasts work best when used with subtlety and when not immediately visible, sitting in the background while the rest of the shirt shines, until it’s time for them to make a memorable appearance. Mind you, shirting contrasts are not only limited to fabrics: details such as buttons, buttonholes or threads, although in a much smaller scale, can have an enormous impact on the global aesthetic.

Personally, I try to keep fabric contrasts as simple as possible, sticking to the traditional alternatives such as a contrasting white collar or cuffs on a classic shirt or at most, a contrasting fabric on the inside of the cuff. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of contrasting elements on a shirt, some details such as a contrasting color on the ascolite thread or on selected buttonholes can make a world of a difference and become a personal trademark.

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Made to Measure


A suit is a complex thing, and if it’s not made for you it will most likely never really feel like a part of you. This is something I often say to my friends complaining a suit is uncomfortable. There’s naturally a little bit more to it than that, and I can say the suits I had made in Asia at 18 years old weren’t really insanely comfortable (or stylish) either. And so I will start this part by telling everyone to get a fully-canvassed suit. Once you do that, you’ll realize you’ve been missing out previously.

Now, there are great fully-canvassed RTW suits as well. Getting a suit from Isaia for example will set you back quite a lot while even the cheapest RTW options (SuitSupply’s La Spalla for example) will still cost a good 650-800 Euros plus at least a hundred in alterations. And due to the price, I wouldn’t recommend any of these ready-to-wear options, to anyone really. If you’re going for the quality, why not get something that is made from a fabric chosen by you and has all the details you want and most of all, is made to your body’s measurements and proportions? As it turns out, many tailoring shops and menswear stores (especially in Scandinavia) have started to offer quite fantastic MTO services that are supported with talented tailors. This is where I personally see a fantastic sweet spot that offers you the most suit for spent Euros.fit4bond 2

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And this is where I’m currently in. Having just placed an order for my fourth suit in my local menswear store Vaatturiliike Sauma, I’m very happy for what I’m getting for my money. Getting a fully-canvassed suit from the best fabrics and with the handmade details you want is also starting to be at the technical pinnacle of suit-making, so even if you paid four times as much you would not be getting really anything more technically speaking. In my opinion, what you will be paying for from here on is the experience and for example a certain tailor’s signature way of making a suit. I can see myself getting my first bespoke piece in a couple of years, but right now MTO makes the most sense for me.

The most important thing is that your tailor understands your taste and what you like. If you like the softer Italian style (like me) make sure your tailor does as well, otherwise the end result might not be as you expected. And needless to say, if you even thought to use some online suit services (Indochino and whatever) you may as well punch yourself in the face now and be done with it.see more.

Collars-shirt design tool

Collar Options

One of the most style-defining elements on any shirt, collars have evolved into a plethora of options that is almost absurd, to the point where some models are named after the combination of 3 or 4 previous versions: “extreme-cutaway-hidden-button-down” anyone? What used to consist of a “simple” choice of length and tie gap, has now been made much more complex due to an ever-growing selection that seems to bring to life every possible option in the book (especially when it comes to made-to-measure). Add to that the variety of available interlinings, both fused and non-fused, and we end up with a variety of current offerings which is virtually unlimited.shirt design script

While I can understand that a brand may want to portray a trademark collar as a means of differentiation within the market, the result of accommodating consumers’ demands and designers’ creativity has made choosing a collar an overwhelming task for many men. However, and as experience has proven time and time again, quantity is not quality and as far as I’m concerned, one can build a consistent and complete wardrobe while making use of only 7 essential models: spread, button-down, club, classic, tuxedo, Mao and the small collar.

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Online Mens Apparels – Muscular/Athletic

– The bigger your muscles, the more strain you will put on the suit. Use a durable cloth and ask the tailor if they can reinforce the seams where you typically have problems.

– Use the smallest possible shoulder pad, or none at all, and minimal rope. You don’t need to accent your already muscular shoulders.

– Avoid anything too short or cropped – it will look boxy. A longer jacket with a lower button stance will stretch out your bulky physique.

toilayr 2 (1)

– Keep the lapels wide enough to balance out your broad frame.

– Slanted pockets will lean out the physique a little, as will a beltless look with side adjusters on the trousers.

– Darker solid colors are slimming and will look less bulky than lighter ones. Pinstripes are a good idea, but not checks or plaids.

– You’ll likely need the “top level” with the most fittings. Overly muscular body types with volume and dimension are the most challenging for tailors and pattern-makers.

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The choice of shirt with pant is a very important factor that affects on our look. So while you will be choosing your desired shirt then you should remember the importance of the season. Fashion changes with the passage of time.

Our today’s topic is “Bien Habille Cotton Summer Shirts For Boys 2014 | Check Shirts For Men & Boys”. Men and young boys are also trying to keep step in the modern lifestyle. In other words, we can say that boys also want to get some extra shine and attractive look. Modern young boys love to wear pant shirt and the popularity of this dress has been spread in the whole world. In summer season, check shirts are best and you can wear this type of shirt with jeans or dress pant. This collection of check shirts has been designed by Bien Habille for summer 2014. Bien Habille has launched this collection at Formal and casual wear shirts in different but stylish colors. Here is an image gallery from where you can see all the designs of check shirts by Bien Habille.see more….

Masculine Style

Masculine Style is one of the top men’s fashion blogs because it is simply so useful for the average man who wants to look great each and every day.

For the most part, Masculine Style is designed for guys that want to be wearing suits and sport coats pretty much all year round, so the focus isn’t on casual looks.

However, if you need to get dressed up for work each day or you just want to look a bit more distinguished you can do it by employing some of the looks and tips suggested by Masculine Style.

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Fashion Beans

Fashion Beans is one of the top men’s fashion blogs in the world, and if you’re a stylish guy who likes reading about fashion there’s a good chance you’ve heard of it.

This all-purpose blog covers clothing items like suits and blazers, but it also deals with more casual fashion trends like denim and boots.

It’s the perfect blog to follow for the guy that goes from wearing a suit to a pair of jeans all in the same day.

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The Accessories Etiquettes- Must Have for a Gentlemen

It’s a myth that men can get ready in 10 minutes and a woman needs hours to get the look which is appreciated by every single human being. Male species got no less jewels and accessories than that of Female which are supposed to be worn with some basic etiquette. Being itself a well mannered wearable, The Bespoke suits should be paired with few respectable accessories.

1.   Shoes say all about you!

Ask any woman what is the first thing a woman looks at and she will tell you…the shoes! Shoes are most important part of any outfit. Wearing a professional and classy pair of shoes is must to match a well tailored suit. Remember, your office isn’t a party place or a yacht. Loafers are not meant to be worn with custom suit.

2.   Pull up the matching socks

You might think that socks don’t make much difference, but they can actually work for you to round out your look. Match your socks to the suit pants instead of your shoes because when you are sitting out, you might not like your boss, client or your date to see mismatched socks poking out of your pant cuffs.

3.   Always wear a Belttoilayr 2 (1).png

Always wear a belt when wearing pants with belt loops. You shall match the color of the belt to that of the shoes. Consider getting a reversible belt (black on one side, brown on the other) and it can change the look of your suit quit visibly.

4.   The Tie can make you Mark

Depending upon the choice, you can wear different design of ties. A contrast shade would definitely make you mark being an eyepopper. A Tie bar or a clip keeps your tie from flying over your shoulder and from dropping into your food at a meal.

5.   Pocket Square makes an Impression

A pocket square or a pocket circle may only peek an inch or a little more out of your suit pocket, but it can add a world of vogue to your overall look. Pick a solid colour that matches your tie for a subtle look. Look for different ways to fold your square.

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custom clothing store

At Henry Poole, every customer is unique for shirt design script. The bespoke process of creating a Henry Poole suit has a wealth of tradition and is undertaken by the most experienced cutters and tailors.After the cloth consultation, during which luxury, performance and season will be considered, measurements are taken ready for the client’s paper pattern to be cut. The Henry Poole silhouette after generations still reflects the natural classic shape, giving balance and enhancing the body’s outline by means of correcting and adjusting the pattern.toilayr 1.png

We pride ourselves on using natural fabrics wherever possible throughout the garment, giving strength and durability which increases the lifespan of the product. After-sales care is also part of the Henry Poole’s policy and therefore we aim to allocate substantial inlays when using natural fabrics to allow the suit to be altered if the clients physique changes.see more….

Men’s Formal Shirts for Summer

Van Heusen Check Stretch Shirt

The black formal shirt is something that every man should have in his wardrobe. Van Heusen check stretch shirt not only give a twist to your wardrobe but also lend you abundant style. You do not need to think about best colour combination for black shirt because black colour matches with various pants’ colours. One can also try plain black shirt.

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Richlook Checked Formal Shirt

Richlook navy blue and yellow coloured checked shirt add a classy touch to your look. Team this shirt with pleated trousers and formal shoes for a stylish look.

Peter England Yellow Formal Shirt

Don this simple yet classy checked formal shirt by Peter England to leave a lasting impression at your office. Team it with low-rise trousers, leather belt and formal shoes for a perfect professional look.

Van Heusen Multi Checkered Shirt

This slim-fit shirt is a perfect combination of style, quality and comfort. It is made from 100% cotton fabric so it will be extremely soft against skin and provides utmost breathability.see more

Online Tailoring Platform for Dress Code

The first rule in dressing for an event is to understand the invitation. Determine the importance of appropriate dress through the invitation itself.Invitations or announcements are presented in a variety of ways: through formal announcements on paper, casual invitations on paper, accompanying another as a “plus one” and the list goes on.

To RSVP to a graduation celebration through the mail sets the tone in expected dress. When “attending” a graduation party through a Facebook invite, the dress code is definitely lax in comparison.

The underlying assumption of the advice given here is that the dress code has been decided. If there is any question on the dress code of this particular event, ask.It is not a faux pas to ask what kind of attire is expected at an event if not mentioned in an invitation.If the host is unreachable, try to talk with someone participating in the event. Remember, it is a guest’s duty to come prepared.In rare the case the dress code cannot determined before the event, try to prepare for any clothing scenario.Consider wearing clothing that can be dressed up or dressed down. If overdressed in a suit and tie, the ensemble is easily converted to semi-formal with the removal of the tie and opening of the shirt.If underdressed, there surely will not be another properly fitted jacket freely available. This is why it is better to overdress than “underdress”, so err on the side of preparedness.

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