Guidelines for what to wear at a funeral  General tips on clothing:

  • Black is a traditional color, always appropriate
  • Non-black clothing is generally acceptable, as long as it isn’t brightly colored
  • Shirts/dresses should cover up to the neck; no open collars
  • Pants/dresses should cover the knees; no shorts or miniskirts
  • No flip-flops or athletic shoes
  • In a casual setting, t-shirts may be appropriate – but avoid wild prints, logos, etc
  • Keep a formal jacket on hand; this basic addition can help make many outfits passable!

General tips on style:

  • Subdued style and colors; you do not want to attract attention away from the deceased
  • Style should be characterized as tasteful and conservative
  • Dress as you would for church or a job interview
  • Revealing attire is generally not appropriate; many traditions require shoulders and knees covered
  • Be considerate of any religious setting; i.e., some require hats for women and/or men
  • For information on funeral traditions of different religionsitailor clone

Tips for men:

  • Dark suits or buttoned shirts are always appropriate
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts, something with a collar
  • Wear a belt and tuck in shirt
  • Wear dress shoes or loafers
  • Avoid sneakers, athletic shoes, flip flops
  • Avoid jeans (though in many settings, dark jeans with tucked in shirt is acceptable)
  • Avoid shorts
  • Avoid baseball caps
  • Basic funeral oufit ideas:
    • Dress suit with tie
    • Slacks, polo shirt, belt
    • Slacks, button down shirt, tie
    • Slacks, button down shirt, vest
    • Slacks, button down shirt, blaze
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