A suit is an essential part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. Be it a casual or formal occasion – what you don on your body says a lot about your personality. How you portray yourself can be an everlasting impression. If you want to look like a businessman, a model or a bum – it’s all up to you!Let’s get this right from the start – No matter what you choose to wear should always be stylish. Finding a suit is that is sartorially elegant is another challenge.

A custom made suit is a completely different ball game. Bespoke suits are measured to fit each individual part of your unique body. Bespoke means ‘Be Spoken For’. It requires a thought process from start to finish. Like your doctor, barber or private banker; your tailor plays a significant role in making you look good. You can tailor various aspects of your suit, from the fabric, lapel size, pick stitching, pockets, linings, surgeon cuffs, horn buttons etc. You can go as far as embroidering your name inside the jacket.shirtdesigntool.png

At the initial fitting, some 30-odd measurements are taken,  these measurements are also taken  using the online Suit Design Tool ,some of which you may not realize prove to be important to produce a quality suit. During the multiple fittings, the tailor learns more about you as you provide your thoughts and feedback in order attain a final product is exactly ‘made for you’. With his or her help, you are guided through the various fabrics, styles available and are able to customize your suit, adding your own personal touch. It is a learning process for both the tailor as well as yourself. The goal of all of this is to produce the best suit you will ever own that will drape your body like a second skin.see more…



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