The people I see benefiting from the “level 1” list are graduates, young professionals or just people that want to invest into a stylish, versatile and a sustainable wardrobe. The items on this list are timeless, the kind of clothes that show you don’t need bright red pants or a white silk suit to look stylish – quality materials, restrained colors and good fit  are enough.

Navy wool suit

Navy wool suit with two buttons, notch lapels, flap pockets and a soft shoulder. Basically go for something like this, although you might want a tad darker color for the suit to better fit all four seasons (also avoid shiny fabrics, shiny is just bad). Fabric wise I’d suggest a wool twill fabric of roughly 240-260 g/m2. I’d suggest you either go for a budget option from SuitSupply (Napoli fit) or consider making a true investment and get a fully-canvassed made-to-order piece if your local store offers one. I can’t really recommend any in-between models, either go for the best cheap option or the best you can get. Good MTO models with a quality fabric will usually go for some 800-1200 Euros when fully-canvassed, and in my opinion offer the best bang for the buck when it comes to men’s suits. If you like the more soft-lined and tailored look, it can be hard to get (pretty much impossible) with cheaper fused options.

Today  people prefer the bespoke suits rather than the ready to wear suits .Because every one want to design a unique custom suits and shirt.Get your unique custom suits and shirts  through the websites designed using the  Custom clothing Script.shirt design script2

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