The term bespoke typically means that a new pattern is created for each customer, while made-to-measure suits means that specific patterns are slightly altered each time. For many buyers that difference in quality of fit can be difficult to understand, so it’s important to determine what’s included in the price.

During a bespoke tailoring process, customers often return to the tailor for multiple fittings, which can help make certain measurements, especially around the hips and legs, more precise. Some made-to-measure suits also require multiple fittings but are n’t based on the one-of-a-kind design bespoke offers. Online companies often ask customers to get measured professionally at a local tailor and pass on specific numbers or have a set of instructional videos to show how customers can take their own measurements.fitnewwwwwwwwwww.jpg

Made to measure  suits are the best suits to wear for the  every occasion . Desmond Merrion, a second-generation tailor in Yorkshire, England, only makes 70 suits per year and handles all of the work himself. Merrion offers suits starting at £2,300 ($3,468). Each suit takes 65 hours to complete and there’s a waitlist for his designs.

“The only way you can make it quicker is by compromising on the quality,” Merrion said. For A-list customers, who want a more exclusive suit, he creates a version that’s entirely hand-stitched, starts at £30,000 ($45,239) and “take months of labour,” he added. see more…



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