A tailor will always ask you why you’re buying a bespoke suit to help him establish the best style. So it could be a wedding, a formal dinner or that you want to treat yourself after a recent work promotion. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to convey this information to the tailor.

This goes hand-in-hand as to what occasion you are buying for. Summer suits are made from very different fabrics than winter suits, so think about how you want it to look and how you want to feel. If you are unsure on which fabric works for the current season speak with your tailor, they will give expert advice.

Be careful, the sale is agreed before the suit is made, so you have to be 100% sure of what the manufacturing involves. If this is a brand you know and you’ve been made aware of their labour hours and number of fittings then you will know how much you are likely to pay. However, do your homework when it comes to fabric costs and make sure the tailor has on-site manufacturing. If the cost is considerably lower, chances are they’re not as authentic as advertised.itailor newwwwwwww

Whether you are going to a reputable brand on Savile Row or to a local tailor in Naples, it won’t make a difference to how you feel about the suit unless you like the house cut of the brand. Consider the difference between a British cut and Italian cut – for example both are great cuts of suits but are very different and it is likely that you’ll prefer one of the other. The more research and information you can find out about each tailor will help your decision.

From selecting the fabric up to the fully stitched  suits are saved are designed using the shirt design tool script .These reduce the duty of the Tailor ‘s measure for the suits.


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