Masculine Style

Masculine Style is one of the top men’s fashion blogs because it is simply so useful for the average man who wants to look great each and every day.

For the most part, Masculine Style is designed for guys that want to be wearing suits and sport coats pretty much all year round, so the focus isn’t on casual looks.

However, if you need to get dressed up for work each day or you just want to look a bit more distinguished you can do it by employing some of the looks and tips suggested by Masculine Style.

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Fashion Beans

Fashion Beans is one of the top men’s fashion blogs in the world, and if you’re a stylish guy who likes reading about fashion there’s a good chance you’ve heard of it.

This all-purpose blog covers clothing items like suits and blazers, but it also deals with more casual fashion trends like denim and boots.

It’s the perfect blog to follow for the guy that goes from wearing a suit to a pair of jeans all in the same day.

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