Collar Options

One of the most style-defining elements on any shirt, collars have evolved into a plethora of options that is almost absurd, to the point where some models are named after the combination of 3 or 4 previous versions: “extreme-cutaway-hidden-button-down” anyone? What used to consist of a “simple” choice of length and tie gap, has now been made much more complex due to an ever-growing selection that seems to bring to life every possible option in the book (especially when it comes to made-to-measure). Add to that the variety of available interlinings, both fused and non-fused, and we end up with a variety of current offerings which is virtually unlimited.shirt design script

While I can understand that a brand may want to portray a trademark collar as a means of differentiation within the market, the result of accommodating consumers’ demands and designers’ creativity has made choosing a collar an overwhelming task for many men. However, and as experience has proven time and time again, quantity is not quality and as far as I’m concerned, one can build a consistent and complete wardrobe while making use of only 7 essential models: spread, button-down, club, classic, tuxedo, Mao and the small collar.

Today modern technology turns the every one life.Like wise online tailoring is also a modern change for the tailors.So every one prefers online tailoring websites.So tailor can design their websites with all the features,they can prefer the custom clothing store script.

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