A suit is a complex thing, and if it’s not made for you it will most likely never really feel like a part of you. This is something I often say to my friends complaining a suit is uncomfortable. There’s naturally a little bit more to it than that, and I can say the suits I had made in Asia at 18 years old weren’t really insanely comfortable (or stylish) either. And so I will start this part by telling everyone to get a fully-canvassed suit. Once you do that, you’ll realize you’ve been missing out previously.

Now, there are great fully-canvassed RTW suits as well. Getting a suit from Isaia for example will set you back quite a lot while even the cheapest RTW options (SuitSupply’s La Spalla for example) will still cost a good 650-800 Euros plus at least a hundred in alterations. And due to the price, I wouldn’t recommend any of these ready-to-wear options, to anyone really. If you’re going for the quality, why not get something that is made from a fabric chosen by you and has all the details you want and most of all, is made to your body’s measurements and proportions? As it turns out, many tailoring shops and menswear stores (especially in Scandinavia) have started to offer quite fantastic MTO services that are supported with talented tailors. This is where I personally see a fantastic sweet spot that offers you the most suit for spent Euros.fit4bond 2

Order your shirt and suit online and manage your time.Tailors ,be ready to get orders through the online websites.If the tailors want to develop their business.Then start a website made of men’s apparels script to earn profit for your business.

And this is where I’m currently in. Having just placed an order for my fourth suit in my local menswear store Vaatturiliike Sauma, I’m very happy for what I’m getting for my money. Getting a fully-canvassed suit from the best fabrics and with the handmade details you want is also starting to be at the technical pinnacle of suit-making, so even if you paid four times as much you would not be getting really anything more technically speaking. In my opinion, what you will be paying for from here on is the experience and for example a certain tailor’s signature way of making a suit. I can see myself getting my first bespoke piece in a couple of years, but right now MTO makes the most sense for me.

The most important thing is that your tailor understands your taste and what you like. If you like the softer Italian style (like me) make sure your tailor does as well, otherwise the end result might not be as you expected. And needless to say, if you even thought to use some online suit services (Indochino and whatever) you may as well punch yourself in the face now and be done with it.see more.


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