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Oh, how the double monk was the business just a few years ago. This is starting to be the past now however, and we’re seeing less and less of this shoe model on the streets. I personally don’t really use my pairs at all, despite having four of them. In fact, I just stepped into my brown suede Carminas a couple of days ago, just to instantly remove them and change into my trusty Alfred Sargent Oxfords. What’s happening then, and why are the double monks a little less cool all of a sudden?suit design script.jpeg

The way I see it is that this is also partly to the changes we see in the world of classic menswear. Many more classic features are coming back or have already come back with a blast, and the sort of super slim cut washed cotton jacket and khaki trousers look is starting to look a little bit dated. Quality and the art of tailoring, bespoke and craftmanship in general, these are the things that people value more and more. With the more tailored and handmade clothing comes more timeless shoe designs which are mostly different types of Oxfords. For those summer shoes the front line seems a bit more experimental, but I believe we will be settling with some new variations of loafers, perhaps with braided strings EG Belgravia more….


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