Mens long sleeve shirts are available in a huge range of styles and colours but it’s how you wear them that can really give you extra fashion kudos. The traditional way of wearing mens long sleeve shirts is to keep the look very formal for an overall smart outfit. To achieve this formal look don’t do things by halves and ensure that every inch of your mens long sleeve shirts (and the rest of your outfit) is exceptionally smart. Firstly, neatly button your collar and top off your look with a tie in a complementary colour, this looks most formal when you buy a shirt which fits snug to your torso to avoid the collar sagging or looking too tight. Choose a fitted shirt and tuck this into your trousers so the material doesn’t bag around you waist. Excellent finishing touches include wearing cufflinks which have a simple design or adding a smart v neck jumper.

Long sleeve or short sleeve, you can select any sleeve via the custom tailoring script.These script has all the tool to select the sleeve of different size as per the customer need. So the tailors can easily understand the customers need and they can easily design the shirt or suit as per the customers opinion.tailored suit design

The more modern way to wear mens long sleeve shirts is to keep the look casual. To achieve the more relaxed style with your shirts, ditch the tie and keep the top button or two on your shirt open. The same rules apply to the wrists as you won’t need your cuff links so you can unbutton your cuffs and roll up the sleeves slightly. This slouchy look works best if your shirt is a traditional rather than fitted cut. Wearing mens long sleeve shirts tucked in doesn’t work if you’re going for a relaxed look so either leave your shirt out or tuck half your shirt in for a casually cool style. If you want to wear something around your neck instead of a tie then a scarf (either woolly or bandana style) works well.
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