Suit Jacket Shoulders

Suit design software is the major tool used to help the tailors for their tailoring business.They can easily interact the customer via the online tailoring business through this software.It can also design the suit jackets via online.shirtdesigntool

The jacket’s foremost obligation is to frame one’s face in a flattering manner and direct the eye upward towards it, assisted by the dress shirt and tie.The width of one’s shoulders plays a crucial part in the perception of the face and head, and so form the first major element of the jacket. Wide, excessively padded shoulders shorten the neck and make the head seem excessively small, while unsupported, extremely narrow shoulders can make one’s head resemble a parade float.

For most men, the shoulders should be natural, supported but not over-padded, and should slope gently up, drawing the eye towards the head and face.Additional padding can be added within reason to produce a more confident, commanding appearance and give the illusion of height, while a softer, more sloped shoulder can be used to offset extra height. see more…..



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