For casual outerwear designed by custom tailoring websites made of online tailor store script,  you’re going to want at least one piece, perhaps two. I would personally start with an olive field jacket like mine (also works well in cold and very cold weather if youlayer properly, I use mine up to -20C) and then continue with a Barbour you like (I’d prefer a Bedale). Both of these pieces work well with all kinds of casual shirts, denim, chinos or corduroy trousers and can be used in multiple different situations. An original design M-65field jacket in olive is a truely timeless piece that’s going to look badass for decades to come, and classic-coloured Barbour will do the same. If you’re a casual dresser, get these two and a peacoat and you’re set for the next 15 years.custom tailor store.jpg

As knitwear and sweaters you should start by getting at least one wool crew neck for winter and one cotton sweater for all year round use. For the wool piece go for at least a semi heavy weight and color that will work well with denim and your other casual trousers. Simple grey is often the best option for your first piece. Good manufacturers include Berg & Berg, Howlin’, Scaglione and American brands such as Gant Rugger (normal Gant is shit though, remember that). For home use, gym trips or just casual outfits you’re also going to want a classic cotton sweater. The best color to get is the classic light grey, but other Ivy-inspired colors are as approved. I personally own a grey, navy, salmon and a heather yellow one.See more….


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