MTM: Generally no fittings during the creation process. An initial fitting to take measurements and draft a design, then a final fitting after it’s fully created. Depending on measurement accuracy / the preferences of the customer, there will be alterations to the final product, adding one last fitting at the end.custom tailoring.jpeg

Bespoke: Achieving a bespoke fit requires multiple fittings during creation of the garment. Here’s where Bespoke clears MTM, and why some will argue that it’s worth the premium. First is the skeleton baste fitting, second the forward fitting, third the fin bar fin fitting, all being done at different stages of tailoring. I’ve heard of some bespoke shops doing 5+ mid-fittings. These fittings do more than just verify the original measurements were accurate in the beginning – talented tailors build on top each fitting, achieving a more precise fit along the way.So its a important thing for a tailor to made their website with all the fitting suit design tools for bespoke tailoring. Because online bespoke tailoring business is of the booming business all over the world.


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