THE difference between bespoke, made to measure and ready to wear is neither incidental nor arbitrary. It is very important in the consideration that goes into buying a new suit and is tightly defined.

The term “bespoke” tends to be bandied around pretty liberally today, but inthe context of tailoring it represents a wonderful tradition that exhibits the best of British craft. It means a suit that is cut by hand, creating a unique paper pattern, and made by hand, usually in the vicinity of the cutting. It creates a suit that fits better than any men apparels.jpeg

Made to measure (MTM)  suits is best thought of in the context of ready to wear (RTW). The latter was pioneered by the Italians in the 1950s, who segmented the male form into different sizes for mass production. The vast majority of the world’s suits are now made this way.

MTM is usually made in the same factory, just individually. Instead of making a batch, a few specific measurements are punched in to the master computer and one suit pops out, cut to your personal dimensions. The chest, waist, sleeve length, trouser length and trouser waist are yours. Which means it fits perfectly. See more……


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