The most important thing about buying a  bespoke suit is that it should have a floating canvas and not a fused canvas. You can tell quite easily if you take the front of the jacket and feel around the buttons on the inside and the outside: you can feel canvas between them. A cheap suit will have that fused – glued to the outside of the jacket – and a good one will have that floating so it’s just been stitched around the edges within the two pieces of cloth. That has lots of advantages: it means it will mould much better to the shape of the chest, making it feel much more personal and it lasts much better. Cheap fusing if you get it wet tends to bubble around the lapels, which isn’t good.suit design script

There’s a lot of ignorance about having suits altered. Most men who buy ready-to-wear never have it altered. Most men don’t realise, although made-to-measure is a little more expensive, quite how much better it will fit. Set aside ten to 20 per cent of your budget to have it altered, have the sleeves at the right length and the waist taken in properly through the skirt and up into the armhole, then get the trousers at the right length as well. It doesn’t cost a huge amount – less than £100 probably – but it really makes a difference to how the suit looks.See more……


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