Bas Possen is a mass customization veteran. He has been designing and selling made-to-order business suits and shirts for men and women since 1969 through his company, Possen Made-to-Fit Fashion.
After growing up in the fashion industry with a background in custom-tailoring, Bas Possen wanted to take advantage of the latest technology. “In 1998, we started with body scanners from Human Solutions. We were the world-first fashion retailer with a 3D body scanner in Amsterdam as well as in a mobile store visiting clients. We were the world’s first, but not the world’s best. For example, during the first year of operation, we scanned 10,000 people, but we had to give money back to 30 percent of them. We realized that we were tapping an unmet need, but the scanning software was immature and the logistical control wasn’t there.”nw fit

Bas also experimented with online design and ordering of custom tailored apparel. “We wanted to be an Internet player, but we found we needed to be brick and click. We had no clue about the proper distribution model.”

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