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Tailoring Business 2017 :

Men are more demanding when it comes to custom fits. The growing figures of online searches for custom shirts and suits selling websites indicate short of supply. It is the right time for you to build online store for custom clothing as there are not enough sellers in the market yet. The demand is soaring high and big brands can’t cater to all customers. If you are the one hunting for a startup idea to launch online business, here is something about custom clothing businesses- You should not miss!

Fit4bond is a custom clothing website script especially built to cater to needs of upcoming startups and entrepreneurs who look at custom clothing business with the intent of starting their own venture.

For any query related to starting this online business, send your question to developers of Fit4bond..!!

  • Virtual Fitting Rooms in 3D animation and 360 degree product view are good Solution to interact with Custom Tailoring script.
  • Software looks at measurements keyed in by shoppers, such as height , arm length, collar size & designs, Cuff , Pockets, Sleeves, Fabrics that matches buyers body trying in cloths in customer is interested in. 
  • Define your Sizing Clothes, Colors, Styles everything you want.
  • So select the best tailoring software for the best tailoring website that make the customer interaction and these above mentioned tools make the tailoring business to peak.

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The Modern Rules Of Shirt Design Tool – Clothing Industry !!


Custom Clothing Industry Script:


The E-commerce Platform you chose to develop an online clothing portal has high performance role to play in its success!  E -commerce platform that does not give the CMS control to offer instinctive guidance to Customers. There are other such basic features that your E-commerce Website must have in order to develop money from a startups.

Men/Women’s are more demanding when it comes to custom fits. It is the perfect time for you to make online store for clothing as there are not enough sellers in the market yet. The demand is soaring high and big brands can’t cater to all customers. If you are a fashion lover or tailor and you want to start online business , here is something about custom clothing businesses- You should not miss!

Fit4bond is a custom clothing website clone Script specially built to cater to needs of upcoming startups who look at custom clothing business with the purpose of starting their own journey. Customers Satisfaction is more important to your Online business.

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Online Custom Tailoring Software built on 360 Degree Display Tool 


Best Online Tailoring Platform – Fit4bond


Revolution of Custom Tailoring Platform:

New generation Custom clothiers moved their business from offline tailoring into online tailoring business. When comes to online tailoring business, they need a web application that shows their in-house working examples to the world people.

* All our new generation people are mostly like online shopping experience. When its come to tailoring industry, here too people still like to order their made to measure custom shirt or their custom suit through online.

* Most of the custom clothiers are having a web application that simply as an informative custom clothing website. But, Some custom clothing tailors are having an advanced online custom tailoring website for their users to experience the new generation custom clothing experience.

* It allows the users to select their likable fabric from the fabric list, design their own custom shirt or their custom suit and make the order though online itself without visiting a tailor shop.

The First 360 degree Rotation view of clothes:

A three dimensional object continually rotates around an imagined line referred to as a rotation axis. We accomplish this thought with our on-line tailoring platform.

  • You need not worried about the side and back perspective of your custom clothes. Since we have actualized 360 degree rotation design tool which makes your fabrics sees viably.
  • In addition by utilizing this tool we can discover the flawlessness for the completing of fabrics which we planned. We can see the every single corner,cut and strings collar, sleeves, back, bottom,side in clean view.
  • The end user will have the perception of their own customized cloths not just the front perspective they can capable perceive how the fabric has connected on their chosen fabric and you can pivot to see the custom works.
  •  It’s allows customer to view their cloths in zoom option and provide best online product presentation for customer.
  • Easy for the user to grasp and Enjoyable for the user to use and explore


Benefits for the Custom Tailor business using 360 degree rotation design tool

Customers invest more time in your site and It will build more clients for your business.

  • Client’s appreciate about your unique concept and utilized.
  • Clients acquire trust in your business and which enlarges your repetitive customers.
  • To ensure that the client will see the cloths from all horizontal angles, we have a tendency to developed the 360-degree feature.

Custom tailors & Startups  Just See Custom Tailoring Design Software Demo 

Online Tailoring Platform – Suit Design Tool!!


Sell Custom Suits Online with Suit Design Tool & Boost Your Tailoring Business!!

Fit4bond is professional, smart and advance style for online tailoring business & it is very easy to operate & truly useful design for today’s tailors.

Custom design Software lets you store and retrieve previous designs, measurements, and orders. For new orders, you can simply view and modify the stored details, designs, fitting required. The Custom Design Software also offers quick tips for taking measurements. In-effect your customers can place tailoring orders without stepping into your store!

Custom Cloth Design Software is a complete online tailoring solution and Amazing business solution that enables you provide an incredibly exceptional experience to you customers by letting them expect their creativity and make their own customer style statements on their desired suits.

Fit4bond provide 360 degree product view option to your end users by allowing them to design their suits. If you have a cloth tailoring business or provide bespoke suits online, then fit4bond suit design tool is a perfect e-commerce solution for you.

Now a days, bespoke clothing has gained more profit over traditional clothing. Many tailoring stores are offering a variety of custom clothes with personalization selections. Customers want convenience, so being able to make custom suits with their choice of fabric, design and tailoring style is an excellent solution for their purchasing needs.
To fulfill the demands of suit lovers, fit4bond has developed this amazing software for Custom and bespoke tailors to sell customized suits online.


Fashion Industry Design Software for Tailors !!


Men’s Fashion Industry Design Software now arrived for fashion Custom tailors!!


Fashion industry Design Software comes in many formats ,shapes and sizes. As fashion is continuously evolving, so is the fashion software must for tailoring industry people.

Trendy Online Tailoring Business is based upon your tailoring websites. The website for the online clothing platform should have all the modernized feature as per the customer need.The websites of a tailors can speak about their tailoring designs.

So it’s a essential one for fashion tailors to update their website with the advanced features tools. Some of major features that pay a way to reach the customers about your website. Custom clothing software should have the following feature:

Fabric selection
Style selection covering collar, buttons, cuffs etc.
Submission of measurements
Payment and delivery details
Trendy design and boundless style option
Easy to customize options for shirt designing
Secure payment Gateway

Interactive virtual fitting & dressing room built on the most advanced technologies
Virtual Fitting Rooms with 3D animation, 360 Degree product view!!

These above mentioned features are updated to every websites of tailors to interact the customers with this modernized features.

I hope my information is useful to you…. JUST SEE Software DEMO 


Launch a Custom Clothing DESIGN Software with These Script Features!!



Custom Tailoring Platform – Fit4bond   

Select Your Style: This simple Customer interface is your online cloth store stylist that helps you to select your Collier, Cuffs, Lapels, Fits , Plackets and etc.. The Software enables all selecting the selected elements, and the clothing is quickly visualized.

Select Your Fabrics:  Fabrics can be divided category and stored as checks, stripes, structures with the help of our Software customization scripts. The selected fabric is immediately mapped into Shirt/T shirt for end of the view.

Made 2 Measure Shirts:  Fit4bond is a Clothing design Software that is the right solution for your tailoring industry. It combines the configuration, measurement module and payment gateway, and enables e-commerce for your online tailoring business. Get you custom stitched shirt with low investment.

                                                           SEE  Shirt DEMO

Bespoke Suits:  Customizable software that enables you to get the correct fit and look, with the click of your mouse – bespoke clothing business is back in fashion! You can virtually create your unique ensemble of suit, trouser and inner jacket with a comprehensive design library of designs, features, styles and fitting options. Fit4bond is an online 360 degree tool that provides a awesome tailoring experience to customers. Get your tailored suit fitted clothes Now!

Software FEATURES :   Fit4bond is quickly updated and modified to be in accord with the latest fashion trends, So you don’t worry about that. With this online software, you can customize from top to bottom.


  1. Design your cloth yourself, by interactively trying a host of placket, pocket, cuff, sleeve, collar and other styles.  
  2. View the 360 degree of your tailored suit being developed in real time   
  3. Available body measuring or pick up your standard size. Or just applied or choose from before saved personal measurements!
  4. Place tailoring orders and get your custom made shirts and custom tailored suits without stepping into a shop!

   Just SEE our Tailoring Design Software DEMO!!

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Custom Shirt Design Software – Fit4bond

There are lot of ways to sew a custom suit, but the custom tailors is eventually as good as its unprocessed ingredients. Fabric selection is one of the most essential think that you will decide to design the new bespoke shirts and suits. Not only it complete how your customers shirt and suits will look and how they feel, but also in terms of how it suits perfectly to your valuable customers.

The next important thing is do not trust anyone apart from your valued customers. Because custom tailoring business begins after the sale has been complete, and your clients are not well versed. So give them an option to select their likable fabrics and design their own shirt or suits as per their perspective.



The Secret Guide for Bespoke Tailoring Business Success!!!


The Secret Guide for Bespoke Tailoring Business Success!!!

1) The look and feel will like what the tailor will give to a customer is the success of a custom tailors: For both men and women they must have some specific clothing size. Whatever the size may be if anyone going to buying a Shirt or Suit they should schedule a trip to a tailor and if you are with a good tailor , it would not a matter for the tailor whether the suit is new or redesign or need to alter anything. But, the thing is it should be good looking and give us a comfortable feel. Likewise, An Online custom tailoring platform will give the look and feel of what the tailor will give to us.

2) Be Conservative: It is very easy to get commission for the best first bespoke suit. But, Also you have so much of choice at last. A very big lines and uncommon buttons styles are not usual for people. But the biggest thing also called advantages in bespoke is always “FIT”. And think that this is a big revenue, First of all try something that will help you to choose a best suit.

3)Spread your potential throughout the world: Smart way is to spread your works by using online custom clothing platform in 3D Rendering view which enlarges your user counts by providing real 3D effect to your user than physical measurement.

4)Be Friendly with your users! Always be touch with your customers. Be active with customer support like greetings and Birthday wishes. These will be made surprise to your customers and it will be leads to your customers refer others.

5)Stand in different path: Offer Discounts for your valuable clients which will helpful to make your customer visit again. Repetitive clients and their reviews are the strong bone of your shop.

6) Before stitched a Suit preview should help the users to Feel the look a like is the best successive way: The Success for a custom tailoring users can be listed out like, i) Look and feel ii) The preview of what users expecting.

Just See Bespoke Design Software DEMO

This Is Why Bespoke Tailoring Platform Is So Famous!


Bespoke Tailoring Business:

Fit4bond-  High quality Design Software  and Its really provide High performance as well as high profit for bespoke tailoring Business. Most of the Business people looking for high profit business.. they seeking low investment with high profit. If you are a tailor or looking for a startup business then this is the right Software for your Business..

We hope you really like this Features and performance to the tailoring business. Tailors want their customers Satisfaction and come back again for tailoring.

Custom Clothing :

Custom clothing is nothing but the user can get their apparel as per their needs, they have the more option to select their fabric and they can get the customized cloth with their selected collar, cuff design models. Even the user can give their measurement also through the modern software’s made especially for custom tailors.

Bespoke Clothing:

Bespoke clothing is none other than, the clothing is ready to wear, the user can re size it according to their perfect outfit. Lot’s of bespoke suits are available online for the customer’s choice that are made by custom tailor’s.

Just come our Website and see our Demo … !! We hope you really like this..!!

Best E-commerce Platform for Custom Clothing

Give Tailoring Experience to your customers to create their shirts online. If you are a Custom or Bespoke tailor then this product is for you!!

We have developed this design tool while keeping in mind your business and your customers’ needs.

This Tailoring Design Software will help you allow your customers to co-create their shirts from a wide range of Fabric, Collar, Design and Measurements. They will get what they want and you will be able to get more profit in Online Tailoring Business.

A Virtual 3D fitting room for the customers to give their own measurement, and unique collar, cuff deign tools for individually customized shirts. It make the user to design their own shirt with their desires. Tailors grab this amazing tool and take your tailoring business to next level of earning and also you can get extra default option like 200+ fabrics selection…

Just give your valuable details , we are ready to explain our amazing tailoring design tool features.. we are the right guy for your tailoring business Industry.

Custom Design Tool with 360 degree product view & Advanced customized features !! Get 50% Offer Book Now.. !!!