Custom Tailoring Platform – Fit4bond   

Select Your Style: This simple Customer interface is your online cloth store stylist that helps you to select your Collier, Cuffs, Lapels, Fits , Plackets and etc.. The Software enables all selecting the selected elements, and the clothing is quickly visualized.

Select Your Fabrics:  Fabrics can be divided category and stored as checks, stripes, structures with the help of our Software customization scripts. The selected fabric is immediately mapped into Shirt/T shirt for end of the view.

Made 2 Measure Shirts:  Fit4bond is a Clothing design Software that is the right solution for your tailoring industry. It combines the configuration, measurement module and payment gateway, and enables e-commerce for your online tailoring business. Get you custom stitched shirt with low investment.

                                                           SEE  Shirt DEMO

Bespoke Suits:  Customizable software that enables you to get the correct fit and look, with the click of your mouse – bespoke clothing business is back in fashion! You can virtually create your unique ensemble of suit, trouser and inner jacket with a comprehensive design library of designs, features, styles and fitting options. Fit4bond is an online 360 degree tool that provides a awesome tailoring experience to customers. Get your tailored suit fitted clothes Now!

Software FEATURES :   Fit4bond is quickly updated and modified to be in accord with the latest fashion trends, So you don’t worry about that. With this online software, you can customize from top to bottom.


  1. Design your cloth yourself, by interactively trying a host of placket, pocket, cuff, sleeve, collar and other styles.  
  2. View the 360 degree of your tailored suit being developed in real time   
  3. Available body measuring or pick up your standard size. Or just applied or choose from before saved personal measurements!
  4. Place tailoring orders and get your custom made shirts and custom tailored suits without stepping into a shop!

   Just SEE our Tailoring Design Software DEMO!!


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