Men’s Fashion Industry Design Software now arrived for fashion Custom tailors!!


Fashion industry Design Software comes in many formats ,shapes and sizes. As fashion is continuously evolving, so is the fashion software must for tailoring industry people.

Trendy Online Tailoring Business is based upon your tailoring websites. The website for the online clothing platform should have all the modernized feature as per the customer need.The websites of a tailors can speak about their tailoring designs.

So it’s a essential one for fashion tailors to update their website with the advanced features tools. Some of major features that pay a way to reach the customers about your website. Custom clothing software should have the following feature:

Fabric selection
Style selection covering collar, buttons, cuffs etc.
Submission of measurements
Payment and delivery details
Trendy design and boundless style option
Easy to customize options for shirt designing
Secure payment Gateway

Interactive virtual fitting & dressing room built on the most advanced technologies
Virtual Fitting Rooms with 3D animation, 360 Degree product view!!

These above mentioned features are updated to every websites of tailors to interact the customers with this modernized features.

I hope my information is useful to you…. JUST SEE Software DEMO 



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