Sell Custom Suits Online with Suit Design Tool & Boost Your Tailoring Business!!

Fit4bond is professional, smart and advance style for online tailoring business & it is very easy to operate & truly useful design for today’s tailors.

Custom design Software lets you store and retrieve previous designs, measurements, and orders. For new orders, you can simply view and modify the stored details, designs, fitting required. The Custom Design Software also offers quick tips for taking measurements. In-effect your customers can place tailoring orders without stepping into your store!

Custom Cloth Design Software is a complete online tailoring solution and Amazing business solution that enables you provide an incredibly exceptional experience to you customers by letting them expect their creativity and make their own customer style statements on their desired suits.

Fit4bond provide 360 degree product view option to your end users by allowing them to design their suits. If you have a cloth tailoring business or provide bespoke suits online, then fit4bond suit design tool is a perfect e-commerce solution for you.

Now a days, bespoke clothing has gained more profit over traditional clothing. Many tailoring stores are offering a variety of custom clothes with personalization selections. Customers want convenience, so being able to make custom suits with their choice of fabric, design and tailoring style is an excellent solution for their purchasing needs.
To fulfill the demands of suit lovers, fit4bond has developed this amazing software for Custom and bespoke tailors to sell customized suits online.



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