Revolution of Custom Tailoring Platform:

New generation Custom clothiers moved their business from offline tailoring into online tailoring business. When comes to online tailoring business, they need a web application that shows their in-house working examples to the world people.

* All our new generation people are mostly like online shopping experience. When its come to tailoring industry, here too people still like to order their made to measure custom shirt or their custom suit through online.

* Most of the custom clothiers are having a web application that simply as an informative custom clothing website. But, Some custom clothing tailors are having an advanced online custom tailoring website for their users to experience the new generation custom clothing experience.

* It allows the users to select their likable fabric from the fabric list, design their own custom shirt or their custom suit and make the order though online itself without visiting a tailor shop.

The First 360 degree Rotation view of clothes:

A three dimensional object continually rotates around an imagined line referred to as a rotation axis. We accomplish this thought with our on-line tailoring platform.

  • You need not worried about the side and back perspective of your custom clothes. Since we have actualized 360 degree rotation design tool which makes your fabrics sees viably.
  • In addition by utilizing this tool we can discover the flawlessness for the completing of fabrics which we planned. We can see the every single corner,cut and strings collar, sleeves, back, bottom,side in clean view.
  • The end user will have the perception of their own customized cloths not just the front perspective they can capable perceive how the fabric has connected on their chosen fabric and you can pivot to see the custom works.
  •  It’s allows customer to view their cloths in zoom option and provide best online product presentation for customer.
  • Easy for the user to grasp and Enjoyable for the user to use and explore


Benefits for the Custom Tailor business using 360 degree rotation design tool

Customers invest more time in your site and It will build more clients for your business.

  • Client’s appreciate about your unique concept and utilized.
  • Clients acquire trust in your business and which enlarges your repetitive customers.
  • To ensure that the client will see the cloths from all horizontal angles, we have a tendency to developed the 360-degree feature.

Custom tailors & Startups  Just See Custom Tailoring Design Software Demo 


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