Be A Trend Setter In The Year 2017


Fit4bond believe that the men’s suit is a piece of clothing that deserves a revival.  Fit4bond is a place where you can find everything about the men’s suit and the men’s suit business.

The process of creating a custom tailored suit involves much more than simply draping cloth over the shoulders. Every piece of fabric and every stitch must be carefully planned and crafted so that the final piece meets all of the belief of the wearer.

A professional tailor can extend your wardrobe’s life and help make your customer feel and look better. Searching for a trustworthy designing software can be a challenge.Fit4bond have an amazing tool to the custom tailors to improve your design skills professionally and satisfy your client’s.Just Try For A Demo…. So that you can be a trend setter in the forthcoming year.






Develop Your Tailoring Business With Latest Technology


In today’s hectic world people don’t have time to go out for shopping.In this scenario E-commerce plays a major role in buying and selling things according to client’s requirements.Though we buy products in online, sometimes consumer satisfaction level will be less than what we expect.But in today’s trendy world we have many software’s to perform various task to boost our satisfaction level.

One such platform in tailoring industry is custom tailoring which is used by the tailors to fulfill their client’s wish and also design a unique suite.Through this script they can develop their business around the parts of the world.

Do We Use Online Platform In Tailoring Industry?

online makes our work easier and simpler.we can design our suite creatively with our own innovation,like selecting the fabric, styles of sleeves, collar, chest pocket etc.In this script we can preview our suite in 360 degree.If we want to make changes we can. Fit4bond have a technology called “MIX AND MATCH TECHNOLOGY”where customers can choose unlimited patterns,fabrics,designs.

Virtual Fitting Room is also available where we have a 3D avatar model to wear our designed suites.Through this we can come to know weather we look good in our designed suites.

Attract Your Customers:

If a tailor does not have his own website means he or she is loosening their clients around the world.Without website we cannot improve our business to for a greater profit in today’s online world.Because peoples are fascinated towards online world.We can get more client’s in the field of tailoring if we have our own website.

Additional to our website if we have special tools like custom tailoring it will attract many customers because people like to wear unique style of suites.If you are looking for a custom tailor to design your suite the best choice may be fit4bond.

@Fit4bond fulfills new generations requirement.

Features Of Our Script

* Using this tailoring tool we can bring out an unique identity for our apparels.

* We can select the style of placket,cuff,sleeve,collar and even the type of the fabric material

* If you once login and complete your profile,you can just place your order for your next apparels.

* once you design your apparel,you can view it in 360 degree rotation by an avatar

Nowadays custom tailoring websites plays a major role in today’s fashion.If you want to become a successful custom tailors,use these types of tailoring tools to get customers in around the country.
Invest your Hard-earned money to create & establish online custom tailoring business @ Fit4bond.

Try A Free Demo ..!! Give amazing experience to your customers…!!


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Amazing Idea For Tailors ! Integrate the Shirt Designing Tool into Your Tailoring Shop !!

Amazing Idea For Tailors ! Integrate the Shirt Designing Tool into Your Tailoring Shop !!

cs3j8kuvuaadzh2You can now provide your customers more choice! Earn more in the process by integrating Shirt Design Software directly into your Online Tailoring Shop.  Tailoring customers can adjust and personalize their designs.

How Does This Shirt Design Tool Work?

Custom Tailoring Platform Start with your perfect fit and design your own personalized shirt/Suit using a variety of features and details.


Select fabric type, pattern, color, weave or collection.]


We provide many collar option and cuff option.


Select center, side or no pleats.


Select a left/right chest pocket
or no pocket.


Select your measurement and get exact outfit.

Here some ideas for the custom tailoring people to start their online tailoring store business in an online.

we are offering greatest software for custom tailors to start their tailoring business. It provides a unique Software for shirt deign, suit design, custom apparels design, and more options.

A Virtual 3d fitting room for the customers to give their own measurement, and unique collar, cuff deign tools for indiviually customized Suits & Shirts. It make the user to design their own shirt with their desires..,

Tailors grab this amazing Suit/ Shirt designing tool and take your tailoring business to next level of earning and also you can get extra default option like 200+ fabrics selection¬タᆭ

Tailored E-commerce Development Features for Custom Tailors:

  • Design for multiple devices with Compact ability.
  • Easy Integration with your Payment Gateway Account.
  • Customize your custom clothing online store with ease using our powerful admin end.
  • Mobile and tablet ready in minutes.
  • Ready made software is always online. Everything is fully automated and easy to use.
  • Instant Chat Room is always working for you! 

Invest your Hard-earned money to create & establish online custom tailoring business @ Fit4bond.

Try A Free Demo ..!! Give amazing experience to your customers…!!

Custom Tailoring Industry No.1 Platform -2017



                               3D Product Display + Checkout + Online Body Measurement

Fit4bond offers the modernized software to tailoring system – custom tailoring software is an unparalleled choice for made-to-measure tailors, bespoke tailors. In this nonlinear tailoring software services bring your customers without having to step out of the house.

You can gain more fashion customers from online if you are having an idea about Custom tailoring business software.

>>Get an appointment to get try free demo here << Customers might feel an unique experience that lets you express your personal sense of style without having to worry about design, fit, quality and delivery commitment. Offering this online service, provides customizable designs in shirts, suits, blazers, kurtas, waistcoats and bottoms according to the customer’s individual measurement.

It’s first kind of innovation tailoring software with designing tool when the company offers minimum price for maximum features to increase the volume tailoring business growth . It will works in all kind of tailoring industry whether you are in custom tailors, bespoke tailors.

Custom tailoring software changes path of your physical business. Software can keep eye on each operation of an customer’s where can entry and exit into website. No headache for an un-scheduled online customer appointment.


2017 Will Be the Year “ To Start Business for your Clothing Store”?


“ Online Custom Tailoring Platform ” is an exciting, constantly evolving Internet Business. It also takes a lot of work. It can be incredibly competitive. If you want to become a successful custom tailors, You have a amazing road ahead of you, but there are few straightforward steps you can take to begin the tailoring process.

Start an online business

@Fit4bond created a platform for entrepreneurs & custom tailors to start custom tailoring/clothing sites at low price. It is a custom clothing design software that includes amazing features list.

Is It Profitable Business?

@Fit4bond – Creates top level profit margins for online custom clothing businesses.

This business has been in first place for a long period of time. So you don’t worry about the field while chossing.

The booming business model of custom clothing website has increased the demand for an amazing solution and fit4bond is the best platform. It is quick setup, which allows entrepreneurs & custom tailors to start own custom clothing websites seamlessly .

Custom cloths website script is a well-designed package for young entrepreneurs & custom tailors that offer advanced features at affordable pricing. If you are ready to start your custom clothing website, fit4bond is ready to serve the ready made solutions to you !

It will embrass you !  You will feel that you are at right solution for your entire online store requirements. Enjoy the online business features with your fashionable customers !

Just see custom clothing designing tool with 3D product presentation !

Try a free demo !!

Custom Tailoring Platform Success Beyond Limits With Features & Advantages !!

custom-tailoring-platformCustom tailoring Platform Features & Advantages might transform your personal computer into a sophisticated online custom tailor shop.

Custom Designing Features that you can give to Consumer End :

You can bring out your unique fashion to your consumers who they, design their apparels, style for their fit and be a trendy with custom designing options.

  • Design your clothes by theirselves on the online tailor shop, by interactively trying a host of different placket ,cuff, pocket, sleeve, collar and other styles in different fabric collection.

  • Consumer Can see the 3D Product view of their desired shirt with accessories being developed in real time.

  • Consumers can land from step-by-step functions to body measuring or pick up a standard size. Another one is simply choose from previously saved personal measurements through custom tailoring platform. Process finish!

  • Place your designed shirts , suits, blazers, pants, necktie without going into a custom tailoring store in single click!

What Really Custom tailoring platform do for you ?

Before learn about : Custom tailoring Platform. Need to know what Online custom tailoring business is?

Online Custom tailoring Business based upon your custom tailoring websites. The websites of a custom tailors can speak about their custom tailoring designs. So its really more important one for tailors to update their custom tailoring websites with the advanced features softwares. Major features that pay a way to reach the users about your custom tailoring platform website.

How to Choose Custom tailoring Platform ?

Custom tailoring Platform that should be updated and modified with the current trends, so you can always be in fashionable for fashion seekers & lovers. With help of Online custom apparels designing tool , bring your stylist to your customers end who can able to customize what they want from A – Z

If these above mentioned features are updated to all online business of custom tailors, No need to worry about physical presence & that success.

You can interact your users with this custom tailoring platform instant advanced Live chat features.

I hope my information is useful to Tailors & Tailoring Customers….! Kindly Share your Opinions here !

Try 360 Degree View Online Clothing Design Tool – 30% Offer Now!!


Custom Tailoring Platform is the latest trend in the E commerce Business industry.Custom clothing means “the amazing product made Especially for someone”.

In custom clothing business, there are many customization in select options for the Customer that allows them to select fabric, colour, pattern , measurement , style of their particular clothes, give their all details, and get their amazing custom tailored dress delivered at home. There are many custom tailoring websites like , Black Lapel & IndoChino that are very famous and successful.

This platforms bring customers who sit in your website to choose their fabric, design it as per their exact style and get the stitched piece with happy.

So if you are like platform & launch similar website at low price with top features than you must read this article :

How Online Business with Custom Clothing Designing Tool Could Make Hit in 2017 ?

The results are awesome. A customer goes to a Custom apparel designing websites because they likes the feeling, they wants to be able to know, ‘Does it make me look good? What do you think?’.
We are really speaking about this amazing transformation.

“Easy to Impress Your users through Custom Clothing Software “

It really based on your circumstances.This amazing tool can be modified, its interface and features awesome to your website and according to your Customer requirements.

360 Degree Rotational 3D Custom Clothing Design Tool:

Current generation Custom tailors moved their business from offline into online.Because customers are mostly like online shopping experience. When its come to clothing industry, people like to order their made to measure custom suit or their custom shirt through online.

Benefits of 360 Degree Rotational Tool:

  •  Customers can see the every single cut corner,strings collar, back, sleeves, bottom, Front & Back side in clean view.
  •  Customers can assume how the fabric has connected on their selected fabric and you can see the custom platform tool works.
  •  Amazing 3D Tool allows customer to view their cloths in zoom option.
  •  360 degree tool provides awesome online 3D product view & high definition.
  •  Customers Have an enjoyable experience with Custom Tailoring designing tool.

Submit Your Details and Get 30% Offer !

We Welcome You All !! Enjoy the Holidays With your Custom tailoring Platform.
Get Trust and Credibility from Your Tailoring Customers !!




Fully Customizable & Expandable Tailoring Solutions @ Fit4bond



Invest your Hard-earned money to create & establish online custom tailoring business  @ Fit4bond.

It offers you best e commerce platform to run online custom tailoring business with in-built of designing tool. – who are the top most custom tailoring business website,running the show in online business in good ROI & which is your recommended website one who can get the sparkling ideas for startups.

Fit4bond meets customer’s standard along with quality standard. It brings your exact audience to your online business with our amazing 3D clothes designing tool.  It’s no.1 solution provider for custom tailoring business. This solution developed after realizing the problems & burdens of custom tailors. It will be enriched your online business with greatest ROI & getting trend setters to your business through engagement of online clothes designing tool.

@Fit4bond provides a well-designed package making it easy for young entrepreneurs & startups to launch their dreams into live. We follows the metrics behind ” Go Wherever Your Customers Goes “.


Fit4bond – Tailored E commerce Development Features for Custom Tailors:

  • Design for multiple devices with Compact ability.
  • Easy Integration with your Payment Gateway Account.
  • Customize your custom clothing online store with ease using our powerful admin end.
  • Mobile and tablet ready in minutes.
  • Ready made software is always online. Everything is automated and easy to use.
  • Instant Chat Room is always working for you!

                           “Try to Find the Right People not the Best People“

START CUSTOM CLOTHING Website  in your budget !!
Just See Our Software Demo!! We Wish Work With Right People Like You!!




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Custom Tailors! Never let Your Dream Die!


Starting a tailoring business in online, can be a top level to secure your life or business with financial freedom. You must be a creative and Trendy tailor for your tailoring business to succeed. Now a days, online tailoring business is trendy and get more response from the customers.

Customer attention is very important to Your Online Tailoring Business”

Make a habit to measure Customers Satisfactions and definitely it will help in future. Most interesting part of the business is competition.


Fit4bond provides Support to Tailors:


Men/Women’s are more demanding when it comes to custom fits. It is the perfect time for you to make online store for clothing as there are not enough sellers in the market yet. The demand is soaring high and big brands can’t cater to all customers. If you are a fashion lover or tailor and you want to start online business , here is something about custom clothing businesses- You should not miss!

Fit4bond is a custom clothing website clone Script specially built to cater to needs of upcoming startups who look at custom clothing business with the purpose of starting their own journey.

We know your budget and Expectations.. !! Fit4bond gives hope and most importantly Support.

“ Try to Find the Right People not the Best People“ – LIKE Fit4bond

A Dream to do Something Great!! – Custom Tailors and Startups , Why are you Waiting ?? Just see our Software features & Cost!! We provide a good solution to you and your Customers!!

Just Submit Details  We Wish Work with Right people like You !!.





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