owning an e-tailoring store both financial and emotional (1)


E-tailoring is defined as the selling or peddling of retail products in the internet.E-tailoring has a lot of unique benefits to both marketers and consumers compared to regular offline retailing, such as the rapid transaction and availability of products, the attracting of more businesses to use the web as a platform in commerce, and many others – which makes it quite an effective practice, if only one makes the proper use of it.

E-tailing as a platform will also eliminate the barriers between businesses and consumers, because the information about the product and the business is made easily accessible. If tailors use this platform effectively they can become an entrepreneur.

Why People Like e-tailoring and its store?

in today’s world people are busy in their work.every one like to shop in online.They do not have time to visit shop for buying their desired products.So its time for tailors to step into online tailoring platform.If tailors have some technical tools they can attract more fashionable customers.This tool has many features to impress the customers.tailors can compare this tool with other tools in the market.Tailors will be awestruck by its features like 3D rotational view,Virtual fitting room & Mix And Match technologies.

Tailors can build their own e-tailoring store through this tool.

Book A Free Demo!!! to know about the features of this tool in detail.


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