Augmented reality is a hot trend technology that every custom clothing business owners should admit.

As you know, clothing has no end it grows day by day. Customers becoming more demanding and sophisticated. 80% of customers expect business people should launch AR app both in-store and online.

Why because, most of the customers are likely to feel their products in real time with the help of Augmented reality app, before adding to the cart.

How Augmented reality helps in custom clothing industry?

By integrating the augmented reality app in your custom clothing industry, it helps customers to buy their products easily. Once, a customer customized their product, they feel how the product will look on them whether it will suit or not? To avoid all those confusion, business owners can integrate the augmented reality app in custom clothing industry.

With the help of AR app by simply holding the mobile, by capturing the camera on fabric cloth or collar pattern or hand design or cuff etc., Customers can now imagine how their customized product looks in real-time without putting on it. It appears in 3D model. It view their product in all the 4 angles completely.     

In case, if customers want to change the neck model or color change, by swiping the mobile touch screen they can change it accordingly. It makes customers to shop their product happily without any hesitation.

Now, are you cleared how AR app helps in custom clothing industry?  

Benefits of AR app in Clothing Industry :

  • Increases your Custom clothing sales
  • It makes your brand name to stand out more unique
  • It makes your customers to try their product in real-time
  • Highly engage able customers and many more etc..

Well! Now, are you searching for the best AR app and want acquire more customers in your custom clothing industry?   

Fit4bond provides the best Augmented reality app with latest hot features like fabric style, design, color changing pattern, cuff, neck pattern, buttons, pocket design etc . We provide the best services for business owners and they can design it accordingly to their customers needs. Customers can view their customized product in 3D avatar model in all the four sides lively.

Want to take free demo? Take a look here!

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