Trying clothes is a troublesome as well as important for buyers. Sometimes, it does not seem to be an issue at a physical store, but when it comes to buying clothes in online, they cannot value the quality of clothes in terms of fitting size, style and colors. So, to reduce all these problem clothing store owners can provide VR fitting room app for customers to try on various clothes by positioning in-front of mob camera and order the best outfit.

Start-up clothing business owners may ask,

Within a short period of time can we reach our customers?

Absolutely, In recent view of online clothing store, 70% of topmost online clothing business people getting success,reason behind their success is, they integrated Virtual reality fitting room app to their clothing store. With the help of this, many customers are getting focused on their store, Customers easily trying their selected product in virtual dressing room before adding to the cart. With less time, they are purchase more number of clothes.

Now you got the reason behind their success! Right?

So, do you also want to integrate the best Virtual fitting room app to your clothing store? 

Fit4bond is a reputed and award winning online Virtual reality fitting room app development company in India. By using our app, it allows your customers to try clothes on their virtual self within a matter of seconds.

We have built our VR fitting room app by combining the reliability and experience of real shopping with simplicity.  

We also provide our virtual fitting room app in the form of WordPress plugin & magento extension.

Do you want to know about our advanced features?

Try a look here!


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