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customers can customize,design their apparels with our custom tailoring software.Tailors can expand their tailoring business by elevating their online clothing store for their high ROI.

In today’s trendy world people don’t feel comfortable with tradational tailoring method.People don’t have time to go for shop for their outfits.So now tailors have to launch their tailoring business in the online platform to satisfy their customers requirements.Be clear in selecting a software for your website.If tailors integrate fit4bond’s custom tailoring software,they can get n no of features in a single package.

The features are

online apparel designing tool – user can login to your website to design their apparels according to their requirements.With this software any kind of apparels can be designed for both men & women.They can customize their collar,cuffs,buttons..etc

3D visualization – User can view their apparels in a 360 degree rotational view.Normally in all shopping websites we can view our apparels in fornt,back,side etc.But visulaizing in a 3D effort gives a better opinion for user in selecting their outfit.

Virtual fitting room with Mix & match technologies – User can view & select the colour of apparels with this technology.They can try their apparels in the virtual fitting room.If they want to make changes they can change their style of apparel.

We provide our features in the form of wordpress plugin for wordpress sites & magento extension for magento websites.

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Speed Up Your Tailoring Business With An Custom Clothing Designing Software

E-Tailoring Tool Makes Tailoring Business Success

Tailors can build their tailoring business strongly in the e-commerce platform with an custom clothing designing software.By integrating this software tailors can attract may fashionable customers around the world.If business people start their tailoring business in online,they can become an entrepreneur in a short span of time.

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Get The Best Fitting Apparels Designed By A Custom Designing Tool


Custom apparel manufacturers provide for both men and women the finest and totally versatile and artistically stylized custom apparels which will help them to look superior when compared with others. A custom apparel manufacturing unit has numerous top mark services that include design and development, consumer requirement, vendor compliance, quality checks, shipping and packaging. Custom apparel manufacturers give you a personal touch and it turns an ordinary into a unique one. 

Any artistic endeavor can be translated to a piece of apparel using the tools available at an onlineshirt/suit design tools. Unique designs symbolizes your pride. 

General Rules For The Right Fit

Slim Fit: Chosen by the trendy and dapper men of today, slim fit suits are made to sit close to a man’s body with trimmed down features such as the lapel and leg openings. The blazer length will also  tend to be shorter allowing the body to appear taller. As such, slimmer men with lighter builds are best suited to slim fit suits.

Modern Fit: The modern fit suit takes elements of the slim fit cut and adds a bit more room for breathability. The shoulders are still narrower than a classic fit but the arm holes are higher than a slim fit. Medium build men are best suited to this cut.

Classic Fit: The classic fit suit is designed for the more traditional crowd. Usually deemed power suits or corporate suits, the classic fit allows for the most room in the shoulders and torso area. This is best suited to men with bigger frames.

Fit4bond launched its tool specially for tailors to design their apparels like shirt, suit for both men and women.Through this tool the customers can design their apparel by choosing the style of pocket,lapel etc. After designing their apparel the product can be viewed in a 360 degree rotational manner.

Today’s technology has grown up. People are not ready to waste their time by visiting the tailors shop for their apparel.In today’s world trendy tailors works smarter by using a tool to attract more customers around the world.If tailors use this fit4bond tool,their customers can                     

                                                   Dress Sharp – Look Sharp – Feel Sharp 

Its time for tailors to make your customers satisfied with the best fitting apparels.

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Todays World Is Popping Up With Online Tailoring


With fast fashion making its presence known in the past decade, it’s no surprise that men’s suiting has also made its way into the digital commerce with online tailoring services popping up all over the place, asking no more than your measurements to complete a suit in a matter of few days..

Role Of A Tailor

Tailor make suits for men come with several benefits. Firstly, they come with great fittings and live up to the full satisfaction of the person. Secondly, they give that comfort feel which every man craves for. Thirdly, they can look really nice since they enjoy a custom fitting for the wearer. Fourthly, being tailor-made, they can be stitched with extra lacings  as per the custom requirement of the client.

Choosing the right tailor is important. The tailor should be skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to tailoring. Customer service and communication between you and the tailor should be great for you to be able to relay your messages effectively. The tailor should also charge you with a reasonable price. The shipping and payment system should also be explained in detail to avoid misunderstandings. 

Benefits Of Online Tailoring:

* The most obvious benefit is convenience. You do not need to go out to have your clothes repaired or altered. You can tell everything that needs to be done over the phone or through email. You can ship the clothes on your way to work or when you go out. You do not need to find a tailoring shop in or around your area because you can search for one over the internet with just a few clicks on your keyboard. 

* You can also design your own shirts if you hire a tailor who works online. You can send your design through email and have the tailor create the shirt for you. Once the tailor is finished, all you need to do is to wait for your custom-made shirt to arrive. Budding fashion designers who do not know how to sew but are skilled when it comes to designing clothes usually hire online tailors to turn their ideas into something wearable. 

* Online tailors are also skilled and knowledgeable just like regular tailors. They also do their best to improve their abilities to help them gain more customers. You can be sure that your tailoring needs will be met because the tailor has the right skills, knowledge, and experience. 

These are some of the benefits of hiring a tailor online. Hiring a tailor online is cheaper, faster, and more convenient because you can do it at home using your computer and internet. An online tailor also helps you turn your design ideas to real clothes that you can wear.

Tool For Tailors

An extra benefit in online tailoring platform is many tools are available for tailors.Tailors should choose their tool wisely to attract more customers. An amazing tool called Fit4bond is  available for all tailors.This tool has an additional feature when compared with other tools.The additional feature is 360 degree rotational view of the designed product by an avatar model.To know more about this tool visit us @

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Grand Benefits of Bespoke Tailoring


Do You have Any Idea About Bespoke Tailoring????

The words “bespoke tailoring” have fallen out of common usage, they should certainly be familiar to any customer who is seeking to look his very best! Bespoke comes from a term meaning “to speak for something,” in the sense of an order being taken, and in this particular usage, it refers to clothing that is tailored specifically for a certain consumers.

This is the best way to get a suit that fits you perfectly,and many men,after trying bespoke clothes, people never return to purchasing off other suits.

This fine trade has a long and illustrious history, and although machines are used to construct the suit, there is still a very real sense of tradition in the art of bespoke tailoring. There is a great deal of hand-finishing in the final product, and although the end price is certainly steeper than what you might expect for a single piece of clothing, many people will swear it is worth every cent. There is a great transaction of work that goes into the suit and the materials are typically top of the line. Bespoke garments has a well-earned prestige for lasting for years, and you can certainly expect to get your money’s worth!

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Suit/Shirt Design Software – How it Works ??

Custom Tailoring Business Platform – Suit and Shirt Designing Tool Give Flawless Experience to Design the Custom Tailored Clothes with low price… never forget every customer as a king..!! Submit your details and get more Info..


Designing tool Features:

Fabric Selection

User can select a fabric from the available collection. Use can have lot of choice to select the fabric for their suit. There are 200+ fabric collection. He can explore through a variety of options such as Microfiber, wool bend, 100% wool and luxury wool to select his desired fabric.

Suit Design –

This is the most amazing feature for the user to design their suit .It lets end-user to design a complete suit with their opinion. It provides end-users with everything from selecting a perfect fitted suit, lapel selection, pocket selection, sleeve button, vents, bottom cuts etc. Also, the end-user can select the design for trousers matching for their suit using this option.


This facet of the suit design tool enables end-user to add some uniqueness to the suit designed by them.

3D View

User can see the product preview from both front and back sides using this 3D option.


Everyone likes to wear a perfect fit. This feature enables end-users to provide right measurements by the virtual fitting 3D room for the end users to provide the measurement of the suit. It provides end-users with two options. User can select any one of them and get a perfect fit. Also, he can select the quality of the product and add directly to the cart.

Add to Cart- Add to cart is one of the final option for the end users to purchase their suits. Once finishing customization, user can add product easily to the cart and order it.

Other Features

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Shirt and Suit Designer Tool/Software – An Innovative Solution to Sell Custom made Apparels Online:

Suit Design Software – Custom Clothing Advantages

There’s a lot of flexibility when choosing to wear custom clothing. Not only is it designed to your style and specifications, but it will fit like no other kind of pre-made clothing. Our custom tailors design high end clothing that fits your body perfectly. There’s no need to struggle to fit into a pre-made design when the clothes are specifically designed for you. The fit will be so fantastic, you’ll wonder why you had n’t had custom suits made for you before.custom tailoring.jpeg

You’ll be able to let your style show, too. Custom suits and clothes are perfect for incorporating personal touches into them. You can decide the style of the collars you would like, opt for certain type of buttons, choose cufflink options instead and so much more. Indeed customized suits that are tailored specifically for you, allow you the option of placing your own signature on the garment, which is what lends the suit a personal touch.

To put it simply, custom clothing is unique because you are. The fit of a garment that has been crafted from the ground up to be perfectly suited to your body type and posture. Preferred fit is something that everyone should experience. This belief is at the core of everything we do here at JBD. Whether you are looking for a single suit, a package, or a consultant to help you build your wardrobe, we have the solution for you. Our goal is to not only ensure that you get the clothing you want and the experience you deserve, but to provide you with a level of personalized service that has become all too rare in today’s world.See more…..

Right Tailors-online bespoke shirts

Flexible design

Designers of these systems will need to move beyond designs that don’t change once they’re handed over. Articles are made of many elements with different visual treatments: headlines, ledes, body text, photos, pull quotes—instead of providing a specific template, designers could supply ranges and options for different elements, along with guidelines on using them.

Like the different adjustments tailors can make to a shirt, guidelines can serve different purposes:

  • Adjust for fit. To bring in a shirt’s torso for a closer fit, a tailor adds darts to the back. Likewise, a layout designer can specify a range of font sizes, to tighten up a particular long title treatment.
  • Replace broken pieces. When shirt collars or cuffs get too frayed, a tailor can replace them. A layout designer may allow for elements like the sidebar to be removed in special cases, such as for a feature article with full-bleed images.
  • Extend or add new features. Tailors can also add unusual elements, like the English Cut, which is a loop within the sleeve that holds a flower. Some of these elements may be silly, but others can be useful in situations like pairing a fixed interactive element with a scrolling timeline.

As an example, here’s what a complete set of guidelines could look like, along with examples of tailored articles.

The right tailors

Be a right tailor, and make customer satisfaction via the online tailoring script,  these script  made the websites user friendly for the customer   need.shirt design software1.jpeg

Publishers must hire or designate skilled tailors within the organization. They should be design-minded, able to understand and apply the guidelines to the articles they’re working on in ways that complement each piece of content. They should also be familiar with the web, able to add markup and CSS styling for each piece. As such, people from either the in-house design side or the production side might step into this role. Because they already have a framework to work from, and because they have both design and production smarts, fitting the design for most articles should be straightforward, and scalable to high-volume production schedules. Consider them your spotters, always scanning and ready to pounce on particular places where design can elevate the content.

Design is about establishing a set of relationships between elements. By codifying these relationships as a set of principles instead of a single, stand-alone template, we make it possible for other designers to extend our work (per article) while remaining faithful to its core ideas. This is not to argue that we shouldn’t present complete-looking mockups anymore, of course, but instead of one unchanging design, mockups would demonstrate the design principles at work—and show the expressive potential of the system. Many of us already provide usage guidelines when creating a brand identity, so that future use does not compromise the initial design system—tailoring simply extends this practice to the level of the template.See more…