Don’t be an old-time tailor! Innovate your tailoring business with online custom tailoring software!

” Your attire speaks about you before you speak”.

This modern world gives more importance for their outlook and their garments.
So due to this reason, many of the people gives much more importance while selecting their garments. But the drawback is many of the people felt uncomfortable when they wore ready-made dresses.   Because the ready made garments are already stitched by someone who don’t know about the customer measurements and their dressing sense. So it obviously ends up with a poor outfit.

Why custom tailoring?

By seeing the drawback of ready made garments, many people gives importance for customized clothes, and they would like to stitch their outfit depending upon their measurements they want.

Before two decades , people need to go for their nearby tailoring shop to customize their suits. But now everything has changed, tailoring and suit designing rules the fashion industry and tailoring industries.  Everything has changed, so people also looking for some change in tailoring methodologies.

This becomes the reason for many custom tailors to emerge into the business place. What they actually do means, they let their customers to freely design and customize their dresses from top to bottom.

Here customer will point out everything, from design to stitching options. depending upon that tailors will make a customize clothes for them.

This will end up with a satisfactory work and perfect outfit. Because here everything is handled depending upon the customer’s desire, there are no personal ideas of tailors to customize their clothes and they don’t have right to change the people’s dressing sense.

The only thing they do is,  enhancing the people ideas by improvising the given apparel design, and measurement details with perfect quality.

On-line custom tailoring business!

I think there is no need of brief explanation here, I  hope you get the point what we’re going to discuss further.

Yes, Nowadays the word  “Online” is the only business source which is used to establish the brand &business awareness all over the world. Tailoring business also steps into the online marketplace which saves people’s time and delivers the quality and satisfactory outfits for the customers.

In many of the international countries people want to save their time, So they obviously prefer online custom tailoring websites. And receives quality suits.

How on-line tailoring websites works?

They receive measurements from their customers by filling up some details though online and delivers their suits to their mailing address.

Here customer’s  can select their fabric type, button types, design types, and measurements, etc. depending upon their selected measurements tailors will stitch their clothes and will deliver to them.

If you ever know a tailor who never heard about online custom tailoring business tell them they are missing a great business opportunity  & make them to read following things.

Why custom tailoring software?

Custom tailoring software are used to start a custom tailoring website, through which anyone can run their online tailoring business.

The specialty of online tailoring business is:

  • It is a great opportunity for you to lift up your tailoring business globally
  • You can cultivate “N” Number of global customers to your business
  • By Implementing user-friendly features you can excite your customers and will make them happy by delivering perfect outfits to their mailing address.
  • People will love your business because you saves their time.
  • You give freedom for people to customize their suits by selecting their design, and measurements on their own efforts & ideas.

If a business satisfies customers sure it will witness a huge profit.


Fit4bond gives you an on-line custom tailoring & Bespoke tailoring software/script. so that anyone can start launching their on-line tailoring business. ‘t So doneNever miss your business opportunity!

The world is run’s before you, and you’re still there.  why means your not changing yourself, when time changes.

So Don’t be an old time tailor! and never miss your business opportunity!


The Rise of Modest Fashion Tool

Tailors!! Increase Your ROI Generation With A Tool


Fit4bond offers an tool for tailors to start their online tailoring business.If tailors integrate this tool in their website they can attract more clients with complete satisfaction.This fashion tool has many excellent features.People easily get attracted by its features.

if tailors start their own website with tool,they can become an entrepreneur within a short span of time.This tool has a power to create an online tailors store.People like to shop through online.

If tailors start their online tailoring business they can earn more revenue when compared with their offline business.Tailors can even make a comparetive study with online tools.Fit4bond is the best online tool specially developed for custom tailors to increse their ROI generation.

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A Right Tool For Tailors


“Design Is The Silent Ambassador For Your Unique Look”

Fit4bond tool you can now create your own suit design.

Today’s Tailors can use some innovative tools to make your customer feel satisfied.

If tailors are interested in extending their business around the world.Then Fit4bond is the right tool for tailors.

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Its Time To Change Your Direction In Style


Menswear has come out of the shadows of womenswear. slowly it happened, and now everyone gets it. There’s been a huge shift in the way men feel about clothes. Every men likes to design his apparel.This can be done with online tailoring platform. Online tailoring platform is a great place for tailors to make their customers look elegant.

 Look Polished And Professional

A suit is generally seen as a standard uniform for a gentleman. Most of us come across many troubles while finding the perfect suit at men’s shop or a department store. When people couldn’t find the right fit or design for suits for the occasion, a custom made suit would be the best alternative. Anyone can look stylish and incredible in custom made suits. Custom made suits can make men look polished and professional. Custom tailors work according to the certain requirements provided by the customer and would make cloths that are would deliver a great look with comfort.

With custom made clothing men can get personalized experience with the designer. They can provide the choices for color, design, clothing material, etc when they make an order for men’s dress. Custom clothing has become a part of a lifestyle for many people. Those who don’t have much time to look here and there for a suit of specific requirements can just communicate their ideas to the apparel designer and they get the work done within a certain deadline.


Customize Your Outfit 

When it comes to party occasions or any other event, a versatile apparel is one of the best options to present your sense of style and elegance.This would be great if you are looking for customization of the outfit so you could make the best impression. Once you select the design you want, you could make an order with preferences like, material, color, buttons, etc.

Some tailors use tailoring tools to make their customers happy.Fit4bond launches its amazing tool for tailors where customers benefit around worldwide.These tools have a greater advantage to improve their business and to attract many consumers.This tool is some what unique from other tools in market. An extra advantage of this tool is 360 degree rotational view of the product.For returning customers, client’s records and final measurements are kept for making future orders simple and streamlined. Through this tool every tailors can conserve time and spend it for some other designing purporse.Fit4bond tool is known for its

                                         Perfect Fit – Comfortable Fabrics – Your Own Unique Style

Custom made clothing  is a great way to display your fashion statement to the world without any adjustments in comfort and fit. Whether you are searching clothing options for events, parties, meetings, office wear or just need clothes for casual wear, custom clothing gets it done instantly in a perfect way with the help of latest technologies.



Custom Tailors! Never let Your Dream Die!


Starting a tailoring business in online, can be a top level to secure your life or business with financial freedom. You must be a creative and Trendy tailor for your tailoring business to succeed. Now a days, online tailoring business is trendy and get more response from the customers.

Customer attention is very important to Your Online Tailoring Business”

Make a habit to measure Customers Satisfactions and definitely it will help in future. Most interesting part of the business is competition.


Fit4bond provides Support to Tailors:


Men/Women’s are more demanding when it comes to custom fits. It is the perfect time for you to make online store for clothing as there are not enough sellers in the market yet. The demand is soaring high and big brands can’t cater to all customers. If you are a fashion lover or tailor and you want to start online business , here is something about custom clothing businesses- You should not miss!

Fit4bond is a custom clothing website clone Script specially built to cater to needs of upcoming startups who look at custom clothing business with the purpose of starting their own journey.

We know your budget and Expectations.. !! Fit4bond gives hope and most importantly Support.

“ Try to Find the Right People not the Best People“ – LIKE Fit4bond

A Dream to do Something Great!! – Custom Tailors and Startups , Why are you Waiting ?? Just see our Software features & Cost!! We provide a good solution to you and your Customers!!

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Make your Tailoring Business to a Trendy Way…

  • Nowadays customized clothes are preferred by many of them. Why? Because ready to wear clothes are not always fit to many of them, so for the perfect outlook every men prefer the customized apparels..
  • Custom suits are rapidly becoming the choice of formal attire for many businessmen, businesswomen, sales executives and other professionals who likes to look professional as well as stylish whilst feeling comfortable in their practical clothing. Hence, custom suits and shirts are in a great demand. To fulfill the demands of custom apparels, Fit4bond has brought the amazing software or online custom clothing sellers to sell customized suits based on their customers’ expectations.
  • Now offer a smart new virtual 3D fitting room to your customers and allow them to design their own suits sitting in front of their computers through this room they can give their own measurement. This will be useful for online suit sellers or the custom tailors then this software will be a great source to reach peak at your business..


  • Our online suit design tool allows your customers to order by designing their favorite customized apparels from your existing unique collection.
  • Suit design tool helps you offer the best in made-to-measure suits for the users of that online platform.This interactive tool was made to by keeping in mind your tailoring business requirement and the demand of your customers to design custom clothes.This tool can be modified, its interface and features best to your web portal and according to your requirements. It make your Tailoring platform in to fashionable e-commerce tailoring platform.If you are looking for the finest online suit design tool for your online clothing store, then discuss your requirements with and get your Online tailoring platform with the best tool that meets your expectations perfectly.Read more ..

Want to develop your tailoring Start up?

Create a studio in your home to meet with clients, complete sewing projects and to store equipment and supplies. Contact the local small business administration office or home zoning commission office to inquire about the rules concerning home-based businesses, as some regions do not permit business owners to meet with clients in residential areas. Lease commercial retail space to meet with clients. Contact a commercial real estate agent to locate available space.bespoke suit software.jpeg

Purchase start-up equipment such as a sewing machine, thread, needles, embroidery supplies, ready-made patterns, computer software for creating and printing patterns, invoicing and Custom Tailoring Software.

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Made to Measure shirts

THE difference between bespoke, made to measure and ready to wear is neither incidental nor arbitrary. It is very important in the consideration that goes into buying a new suit and is tightly defined.

The term “bespoke” tends to be bandied around pretty liberally today, but inthe context of tailoring it represents a wonderful tradition that exhibits the best of British craft. It means a suit that is cut by hand, creating a unique paper pattern, and made by hand, usually in the vicinity of the cutting. It creates a suit that fits better than any men apparels.jpeg

Made to measure (MTM)  suits is best thought of in the context of ready to wear (RTW). The latter was pioneered by the Italians in the 1950s, who segmented the male form into different sizes for mass production. The vast majority of the world’s suits are now made this way.

MTM is usually made in the same factory, just individually. Instead of making a batch, a few specific measurements are punched in to the master computer and one suit pops out, cut to your personal dimensions. The chest, waist, sleeve length, trouser length and trouser waist are yours. Which means it fits perfectly. See more……


MTM: Generally no fittings during the creation process. An initial fitting to take measurements and draft a design, then a final fitting after it’s fully created. Depending on measurement accuracy / the preferences of the customer, there will be alterations to the final product, adding one last fitting at the end.custom tailoring.jpeg

Bespoke: Achieving a bespoke fit requires multiple fittings during creation of the garment. Here’s where Bespoke clears MTM, and why some will argue that it’s worth the premium. First is the skeleton baste fitting, second the forward fitting, third the fin bar fin fitting, all being done at different stages of tailoring. I’ve heard of some bespoke shops doing 5+ mid-fittings. These fittings do more than just verify the original measurements were accurate in the beginning – talented tailors build on top each fitting, achieving a more precise fit along the way.So its a important thing for a tailor to made their website with all the fitting suit design tools for bespoke tailoring. Because online bespoke tailoring business is of the booming business all over the world.

Suit Design Software For Bespoke Tailoring

The imperfect fit of off-the-peg suits

The decision to switch from buying off-the-peg to bespoke tailoring often happens when a man needs a suit for a really important occasion. After trying on several jackets, he realizes that none of them fit as well as he would like. Either the shoulders are too wide, the jacket too long or the lapels flare open when he buttons up the suit.

This is the norm in off-the-peg tailoring because each suit is a generic size. While you may find a suit that fits you 85%, there will always be that 15% that doesn’t fit you as well as it could. This is simple mathematics: If bodies don’t come in generic sizes like off-the-peg suits, there’s no way an off-the-peg suit is going to fit you 100%.suit  design software for custom clothing.jpeg

The perfect fit of a bespoke tailored suit

The major benefit of bespoke tailoring –Grab your bespoke suit design tool to design your bespoke tailoring website, and the reason why men are turning to it in such large numbers, especially now it’s more affordable – is that you get a suit completely fitted to your body.Your tailor will take 24 measurements to create your suit, which guarantees you get a perfectly fitting suit (if you don’t, he’ll adjust it till it’s right!).But hold on! This is far from being the only benefit of a bespoke tailored suit.The fit of your suit isn’t the only deciding factor in whether it looks good on you. Style is just as important.

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