Don’t be an old-time tailor! Innovate your tailoring business with online custom tailoring software!

” Your attire speaks about you before you speak”.

This modern world gives more importance for their outlook and their garments.
So due to this reason, many of the people gives much more importance while selecting their garments. But the drawback is many of the people felt uncomfortable when they wore ready-made dresses.   Because the ready made garments are already stitched by someone who don’t know about the customer measurements and their dressing sense. So it obviously ends up with a poor outfit.

Why custom tailoring?

By seeing the drawback of ready made garments, many people gives importance for customized clothes, and they would like to stitch their outfit depending upon their measurements they want.

Before two decades , people need to go for their nearby tailoring shop to customize their suits. But now everything has changed, tailoring and suit designing rules the fashion industry and tailoring industries.  Everything has changed, so people also looking for some change in tailoring methodologies.

This becomes the reason for many custom tailors to emerge into the business place. What they actually do means, they let their customers to freely design and customize their dresses from top to bottom.

Here customer will point out everything, from design to stitching options. depending upon that tailors will make a customize clothes for them.

This will end up with a satisfactory work and perfect outfit. Because here everything is handled depending upon the customer’s desire, there are no personal ideas of tailors to customize their clothes and they don’t have right to change the people’s dressing sense.

The only thing they do is,  enhancing the people ideas by improvising the given apparel design, and measurement details with perfect quality.

On-line custom tailoring business!

I think there is no need of brief explanation here, I  hope you get the point what we’re going to discuss further.

Yes, Nowadays the word  “Online” is the only business source which is used to establish the brand &business awareness all over the world. Tailoring business also steps into the online marketplace which saves people’s time and delivers the quality and satisfactory outfits for the customers.

In many of the international countries people want to save their time, So they obviously prefer online custom tailoring websites. And receives quality suits.

How on-line tailoring websites works?

They receive measurements from their customers by filling up some details though online and delivers their suits to their mailing address.

Here customer’s  can select their fabric type, button types, design types, and measurements, etc. depending upon their selected measurements tailors will stitch their clothes and will deliver to them.

If you ever know a tailor who never heard about online custom tailoring business tell them they are missing a great business opportunity  & make them to read following things.

Why custom tailoring software?

Custom tailoring software are used to start a custom tailoring website, through which anyone can run their online tailoring business.

The specialty of online tailoring business is:

  • It is a great opportunity for you to lift up your tailoring business globally
  • You can cultivate “N” Number of global customers to your business
  • By Implementing user-friendly features you can excite your customers and will make them happy by delivering perfect outfits to their mailing address.
  • People will love your business because you saves their time.
  • You give freedom for people to customize their suits by selecting their design, and measurements on their own efforts & ideas.

If a business satisfies customers sure it will witness a huge profit.


Fit4bond gives you an on-line custom tailoring & Bespoke tailoring software/script. so that anyone can start launching their on-line tailoring business. ‘t So doneNever miss your business opportunity!

The world is run’s before you, and you’re still there.  why means your not changing yourself, when time changes.

So Don’t be an old time tailor! and never miss your business opportunity!


Introducing a unique apparel designer tool for custom tailors


Tailoring industry is so popular nowadays because people like to wear stylish apparels.

In general people get attracted easily towards unique apparels.

A Famous quote said by a tailor is “Your Style Speaks greater than your words”.

This is true in todays world.we can judge people by their outfits.

In todays world tailor’s have their own website to showcase their work to the people around the world.

An extra advantage for tailors who are having their excisting websites.They can integrate this designer tool in their website.

we can integrate this tool easily with any type of websites.This tool is an userfriendly one.

The advantage of this tool is customer can design their apparels without stepping out from their home.

This tool has all features starting from the selection of the fabric to final product display.

By integrating this tool tailors extra task can be cut down For Eg – Recording the measurements,give idea about the various styles that will match your apparel.

This Tool can save tailors precious time.So that they can use their time in making their client outfit in their best way.

Tailor can start their own store if they use this designer tool effectively.

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A Right Tool For Tailors


“Design Is The Silent Ambassador For Your Unique Look”

Fit4bond tool you can now create your own suit design.

Today’s Tailors can use some innovative tools to make your customer feel satisfied.

If tailors are interested in extending their business around the world.Then Fit4bond is the right tool for tailors.

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Design Your Dream Suit – Style Lives Within Us


Fit4bond likes to present a tool for tailors. At affordable prices customers can get the dream apparel suit. The tailors will take care of you apparel with this amazing tool and will satisfy your wishes.

If tailors are looking to make a positive impression to your client’s. Start a tailoring website with a tool.

Fit4bond tool has great features like virtual fitting room,360 degree rotational view,Mix and Match Technologies.

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Choose Your own Distinctive Style

style-is-the-reflectionyour-attitude“Reflection is the style of your attitude”

one can choose their own distinctive style in order to have the best fit.

Fit4bond allows you design your own suit

Fit4bond has advanced features like 360 degree rotational view of the designed product.

Fit4bond is the advanced tool in today’s technologies. This tool is specially for tailors.

Customer can design their suits and accessories by themselves instead of visiting tailors.

Tailors can use a tool like Fit4bond to get customers around the world and make them feel satisfied.

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Yield Extra Finish To Your Style By Bespoke Tailoring



In this modern era each and every individual wants to look voguish and fashionable. Charming and attractive personality is crucial to attract the attention of other person. Its the dressing sense of the individual which helps to represent person’s personality.

In terms of clothing quality and perfection is the first thing which cannot be ignored if a person is in professional line. Tailored suits are the best to create positive image of your personality.

One can give an appealing look with bespoke tailored garments. These garments help to fascinate the attention of other person. The suit customized through bespoke tailor provides 100% guarantee and assurity that will give the best value for your money.

Increase Your Confidence Level

The market is full of ready made suits and shirts but these garments are not comfortable to wear as they are not stitched according to the unique physique. Ready made garments need some kind of alteration which consume lot of time if one has to attend any urgent group meeting or needs to attend any formal function.

Every individual wants to look best in their outfits. Bespoke suits and shirts are fit for every individual and for every occasion. A well stitched suit helps to increase the confidence level and therefore add gracefulness in his personality. Every person wants that his personality should be catchy and unique so as to give more professional look.

Bespoke Tailors – perfect look

Bespoke tailors are the one which are know for designing hand made clothes according to the measurement and specification provided by the individual. These tailors provide assistance in choosing the right fabric and style for your suit. They fully customized your suit according to the requirement and design provided by the individual. In bespoke tailoring the garment is fully designed keeping in mind the comfort level of the user so that the person feel comfortable and provide perfect look in that outfits.

Feel The Experience With Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke tailoring is the best option, if a person needs to add more style and pattern to his outfits. There are various online stores which aim to deliver best services in customizing your shirts and suits.Tailors who are using online tailoring platform use some technical tools like Fit4bond tool.

Fit4bond tool is specially for tailors.where customers can design their own suit and they can preview their suit in a 360 degree rotational manner.It has some additional feature like Virtual fitting room where a 3D avatar will wear our designed product.Through this feature we can decide whether our designed product looks good or not.People who are prefering online tailors can experience a great change in his style and personality after customizing their garments by bespoke tailors.

Customize Your Style!!!!

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Meet Your Style With Apparel Designer Tool


People wear Great apparels occasionally.  Unfortunately, not many off-the-rack shirts do you justice as compared to a custom made shirt . So if you want a great shirt/suit that could be spotted miles away, look for a custom made shirt with the following qualities:


100% cotton is the most common fabric for custom made shirts. You can determine the nature of fabrics by the number of thread count per inch. The higher the number normally means the better the texture. The average thread count is 80s. Beside the thread count, you may be interested in looking into the type of weave, such as twill,broadcloth, herringbone, poplin, . If you plan to get a formal custom made dress shirt/suite, broadcloth will be the best choice because its tightly interlinked and slight sheen, which make it very dressy. For those who want your apparels with wrinkle resistant capability, you may choose cotton-poly blend. With a bit of polyester in the fabric matwerial, you will be surprised how easy it is to maintain your shirts.

Tailored Fit

Good quality apparels are cut specifically to hug the outline of your body. Well cut dress shirts will not create a baggy fit, which is often found in a one-size fits all mass produced shirt. Tailored shirts fit easily but not tightly and always appear more attractive. 

Split Back yoke

This is the part of the shirt that runs along the neck and shoulders and aids in the proper fitting of a apparels. Without it your shirt will crush and be far less comfortable. It is often omitted as it adds to cost. On patterned dress shirts/suite, be sure that the split yoke joins the fabric seamlessly.

Seams Match

The width of all seams should match and normally, they will on a custom made dress clothing.. This will look alot better and creates a far more attractive aesthetic for the apparel wearer and those who observe it. As well, the seams should be smooth and stitched with the correct tension. 

Custom Made Shirts Are:

  •     Easily customizable to meet your style preferences, with options to change the fabric, cuffs ,collar and etc…
  •     Created and drafted specifically based on measurements provided by a client
  •     Good option for those who may have an uneven or asymmetrical body shape

Tailors can fullfill their customers satisfaction by using Fit4bond tool.This tool provide lot of features to design your apparel from the dawn like selecting the fabric material,style of cuffs,pocket etc.This tool provide extra options like Mix And Match Technologies and 360 degree rotational view of our designed apparel.If tailor use this tool he/she can attract more customers around the world.

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