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User can design their own apparels within few clicks if tailors integrate an custom tailoring software.user can customize their apparels from top to bottom with this online apparel designing tool.

Tailors can integrate custom tailoring software to develop their tailoring bsuiness. custom tailoring fully operates for customers, and focused on delivering the proper outfits. Tailoring business is most wanted business all over the world, because the industry of fashions, wardrope industries fully operates & depends on trendy clothes and apparels.

Business people who like fashion industry can also kick start your business in the online tailoring platform with an custom tailoring software.

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Online Apparel Designing Tool Is Putting A New Spin In Tailoring Industry

Online Tailor - Perfect Fit


Custom tailors establish a high level of individuality, meaning you can choose from a wide variety of cuffs and collars, lapels and buttons, fabrics, pockets, and more based on a wide selection of high quality goods.

Many custom tailors feel difficult to manage their appointments.As a result they will loose their precious client’s.Here is an idea for custom tailors to manage their appointments without visiting their client.Custom tailors can integrate a technical tool in their website.This technical tool can double your revenue.many tools are available in the market but no tool can be compared with fit4bond.Because Fit4bond is specially designed to change custom tailor’s life.Tailors can start their online store with this tool.

If tailors integrate this tool in their website.Customers can design their apparels from selecting the fabric materials to changing the style of collars,cuffs etc.. Once all the details have been chosen, the designed apparels will be displayed by an avatar.The avatar rotates in a 360 degree rotation so that customers can view their apparels completely.Custom tailors handcraft their client’s apparels with almost care.Tailors can double their revenue with this designer tool.

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Online Tailoring Store Is Eminent – Why?


Hii Frndzzz….

Why people are moving towards online tailors nowadays?

The world is buzzing towars online world.People can get their apparels without stepping out from their house.

What is special about custom tailors?

Custom tailors can make the best outfiting for their client.They spent more time in designing their client’s apparels.

Customers can design their apparel by an online tool – Is It So…

Fit4bond launching an expanded their technical ideas for today’s trending tailoring industry and also updating new technologies to attract custom tailors.

If tailors use this tool effectively, they can create their own tailoring store with greatest ROI generation.

By using this online tailoring tool they can attract more customers around the world and they can set up an tailor store.

Fit4bond glorifies tailors life.

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Custom Apparel Designing Software

online men apparels


1. The best answer for this question is Small investment and low risk.
2. A small space is enough for an online made-to-measure store
3. In an online made-to-measure tailoring store each styles is made to perfectly fit the customers desire whereas in a ready-to-wear solution most probably 30% of the clothes can’t be sold because of wrong measurement and do not fit to the customers expectation.
5. An online made-to-measure tailoring store – Can reduce the number of serving staff compare than a ready-to-wear showroom.
6. An online made-to-measure suit can be absolutely unique and it meets the customers expectation because customers design their own shirt & suit with the 3D interactive design tool.
7. Customers can see the real view of 3D rendering model of their chosen design and pattern.
8. It gives the new experience to your valuable customers.

So, if you are a fashion lover and profession by made-to-measure tailor and looking for a new fashion business, then you can contact and you can start your innovative online made-to-measure fashion business.

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