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The bespoke suit, you have thought  You are a gentleman, attentive to every detail of your style. Or do you tend to those who prefer simplicity and comfort without fuss. But you never dared to use the services of a tailor . It is time to take the plunge and opt for a bespoke suit: elegance nip and tuck.

For most of us, even those that pay maximum attention to their clothing style, ready-to-wear is often the preferred solution. In terms of costumes in particular the major brands dominate the market. And if their quality is not to question, they sometimes lack that extra bit of soul, originality or that the personal touch that make the true elegance. Not to mention that even among brands, cuts are not exactly made for you: shoulders too broad, too curved jacket, pants too tight … It is not uncommon for the costume needs some touching up. So why not not be decided squarely for a bespoke suit? Nec plus ultra of elegance to men, it fits your criteria of comfort, style and material. The tailor will guide you, advise you and you sign a bespoke suit that will be yours and yours alone.

A customer model

A lot of men who make an appointment to get a suit tailored have around thirty. These are usually young professionals, seeking to find a suit personal comfort, and in one subject and a cup which they themselves have chosen. They are also awaiting personalized service and quality.
There are basically two types of customers. A customer is loyal, returning frequently to renew his wardrobe and which adopted the measure for costumes, and a clientele more volatile, generally that of the groom. If The first category immediately or after a time, a fairly clear idea of what it wants, however the second more often need to direct. The great advantage of the bespoke suit is the freedom of choice, Choice of fabrics, choice cuts, choice of form, choice of details. Some clients know from the outset exactly what they want, but most of the time the stylist will have to an adviser and guide, to help the client make his choice. Fit4bond Custom Shirt

Measure for Measure

On first contact, the designer tries to define customer expectations. Is this a costume or a professional suit for a great event? Is this a seasonal suit or a custom suit for the whole year  According to these criteria, the designer will offer shades of colors in several types of fabrics and after different qualities in the fineness of the yarn: 100, 120, 140 and beyond. The higher the thread is finer, the fabric will be quality. According to Mytailorstore, the choice of fabric is crucial for a bespoke suit, and it’s the details that a tailor takes its game (no pun intended): “We try to offer our customers a wide range of materials, qualities and price points. Among our key suppliers we have Loro Piana, very good Italian fabric, Holland & Sherry, including the English, who produce an excellent quality tweed, and Ermenegildo Zegna, which is renowned World.see more


Dress to impress

Normally you wear jeans and a shirt, sometimes a jacket – but only if the weather makes it necessary? That’s totally okay. But now it’s time to get this job. Now it’s time to appear like one of these guys who can reach everything. Who wants it, lives it. You want to be a professional? Then dress like a professional.

You can only make one first impression, so having the right outfit is the key to a successful job interview. Just by following a few simple rules your prospective employers will be more likely to see you as the right candidate for the job. The way you dress for an interview says how precise, neat, and professional you really are. To  impress , we can change to a new way of dressing designed through the online shirt design website with  Online Custom clothing php Script.

Adaptability is the way to success

Before you get to your first job interview you should sit down and think about the right outfit. What is suitable for the position you’ve applied for and, at the same time, what will impress? What should you wear for your debut? As so often in life, the answer is unsatisfactory: It depends – for example, on your age, your position and on the industry and type of business.shirt design tool scirpt 2.jpg

Clothes make the man

Be conservative, at least for this job interview. Basically, the best advice is to get a simple but classy outfit. Wear clothes of a timeless design, calm colors, not too cheap materials. You will probably be nervous on the day of your job interview so avoid synthetic blouses in which you will sweat heavily.

There’s no time for experiments on this stage. Maybe it’s sad, but clothes make the man. With your outfit you make a mark, proving whether you’re willing to integrate into a new environment or not. Individual styles and preferences are allowed but never forget that you will be the new guy in the company, so understatement is more appropriate than showiness. Let’s have a look at what else is hidden in your wardrobe next to your jeans and shirt.Read more..


Men’s Dress Shirts – A Deeper Understanding of Custom Shirts

Most are cut to fit the most corpulent members of each size, and thus look blousy on most men.Those with an uncommon pairing of neck size and arm length have difficulty even finding a shirt that fits in these two places.Since even the simplest alterations can add 25-50% to the price of a dress shirt, it is often more economical to have shirts made to one’s exact measurements.

For a man starting out who is unable to afford custom-made, the best bet is to try on a lot of shirts until one finds a particular size of a particular brand that fits him well in the chest, stomach, neck, and sleeves, and then buy as many colors and patterns of these as he can find.

Shirt Collars

The men’s dress shirt collar is the most important, both in determining the garment’s level of formality and in flattering the wearer’s unique face.Button-down collars are the least formal, and are the best collars to wear without a tie.They also go well with a tie and sweater, blazer, or sport coat.  The wing collar, which does not cover the band of the tie around the neck, is reserved for formal wear.Most men’s dress shirts sport some sort of pointed collar, but there is huge room for variety here.tailored suit design

Today bespoke shirt are very important to every gentle men, to design a perfect bespoke shirt with collars and cuffs you can prefer the Custom  Tailoring Site  Script .

While the standard point collar looks good on most men, those with narrower faces do better with slightly shorter ones, while round faces carry well above long collar points.As a general rule, the greater the angle between the short sides of the collar points, the more formal the presentation. Spread collars, which leave a wide opening between them, take large tie knots especially well.The edges of the cut-away collar nearly form a straight line above the tie knot; this is the most formal collar arrangement.

An exception to the parallelism of spread and formality is the tab collar: here little tabs of fabric extending from each side connect behind the tie knot, holding the collar close together and projecting the knot outward for a precise, no-nonsense look.The white contrast collar, in any style, with or without matching white, French cuffs is a favorite of power-dressers.While it certainly raises a suit-and-tie above the masses, let the wearer be warned against it if he cannot equal its eminence.see more @

What Is The Meaning Of The Word Bespoke

You may have heard the word “bespoke” tossed around casually, perhaps in connection with suits and clothing, or maybe in reference to some kind of computer software or database. But what does the word actually mean, especially when it comes to custom wear? Tailors like to make a distinction between “bespoke” and “made-to-measure” suits. Making a “made-to-measure” suit entails taking a preexisting suit — one that already has pre-determined patterns, colors, and design motifs — and re-fitting it to comply with individual measurement requirements. “Bespoke,” of course, is the simple past form of the word “Bespeak.” Story goes that 17th-century tailors used to keep all their tailoring material on the premises of their shops or of their homes; when customers would walk in and ask for a suit to be specially made to fit their proportions, they could literally point at the stretch of fabric they wanted used for their item of clothing. Thus, the stretch of fabric selected by the customer, as well as the suit it would soon be molded into, were now “spoken for.” Alan David Custom Suits is proud of its role in authentically sustaining this tradition of the bespoke suit. We guarantee that each element of your Alan David Custom creation will be 100% spoken… read more

Today bespoke shirts are designed through the online websites using the tailored shirt design script.

tailored suit design.png

Dress shirts in the United Kingdom

In the UK, a dress shirt is a particular type of formal shirt, always white with French cuffs to be worn with eveningwear. In the US, this shirt is often called a tuxedo shirt or tux shirt, although this is considered somewhat vulgar.

The shirt required for white tie is very specific. It should have a wing collar and be fastened with shirt studs instead of buttons on the front. The studs should be either gold or silver with a mother of pearl inlay. Black onyx inlay is also permissible. The cufflinks should match the studs. The front panels of the shirt are heavily starched and polished so that they are stiff. Traditionally, collarless shirts with a detachable wing collar fastened on with collar studs have been used, but all-in-one designs are increasingly common. An even more formal alternative to the piqué shirt front is a shirt with heavily starched front panels of a plain material, fastened in the same maner. Such shirts are now uncommon. Cuffs will ideally be single, but heavily starched and polished.

All the varieties with collar or cuff anything you just need to be design it for your wish by the online  shirt designing website.So for any tailor to attract the customer the first thing is to  start a shirt and suit designing website  by the Custom Tailoring php Script

online cliothing

The 10 Best White Shirts for Every Body Type

A great option is to get a custom shirt, either in person at a tailor shop or from online retailers like Ratio Clothing or Proper Cloth. But if you prefer to shop in a store or from a brand you trust, here are 10 versions of the white shirt from reliable, top fashion labels. I’ve highlighted which ones are suited to which body types, and for what occasions. There’s a shirt here for you, I promise. Now go and buy 12 of them.

White poplin shirt, Hugh & Crye

The experts behind the shirting company, Hugh & Crye developed a sizing system called the fit finder, where men can find dress shirts based on their body type. Fits range from short/skinny to tall/broad and are offered across 16 sizes. First, find your fit: Answer a few basic questions, and punch in your height, weight, and body type. Second, shop away.

White shirt, Ralph Lauren Black Label

The Ralph Lauren Black Label shirt is made of 100 percent cotton, which is thick enough not to be transparent and feels like a soft jersey. The tailored sloan oxford shirt features a trimmed silhouette, and the sheen makes it appropriate for black tie.In the online shirt designing website we can select the fabric  for the shirt. we can also design our shirt for our opinion.So to start a shirt designing website  Custom Tailoring site Script  are available online.

White royal slim-fit oxford shirt, Charvet

Charvet is a high-end Parisian shirt maker that used to design custom shirts for kings and the royals. That’s luxury. If you really want a special experience, and a shirt to match, you can get one made to your exact measurements from one of 6,000 fabrics in Charvet’s Paris shop.read more  @ site.itailor newwwwwwww.jpg

A Guide to Buy Best Casual and Formal Shirts for Men

The best way to buy a formal and casual shirt is a challenging factor. Before buying a shirt we must follow some tips which will guide us to buy the perfect shirts for men for any occasions.

The men’s formal shirt are the best option to wear for office, business meet, seminars or so. They give a very professional appearance and handsome look for men. Men would prefer to have a huge collection of formal shirts that are required for men for official purposes. The striped shirts  or solid colors are the two majorly preferred formal shirts that gives a decent look. They would also enhance your personality and smartness. Casual shirts on an other aspect is the best wear for any occasions that can absolutely relax you and feel comfortable. The men’s casual shirts are preferred for party, get together, function or join a dinner with family and friends. They are best for travel purposes.

As a guide to help you choose the perfect casual and formal shirts: you need to first choose the right fit. The size of shirts ranges with the wearer body size. Either you look for slim fit little tightly or a standard fit, you can easily shop around. However, the standard fit is considered to be very comfortable and roomy. The next guide would be to choose the right fabric. A quality fabric is important to keep you feel convenient throughout. Moreover, it is also important to consider while choosing the fabric about how long would the shirt last even after multiple washes. Cotton is very breathable and comfortable. Synthetic is easy to care and had great tensile strength. However the blended fabric gives both the comfort of synthetic and natural fabrics which is widely preferred by men. There are various patterns such as gingham check, pinstriped, solid color and more. Designs, colors are the other determinations for selecting a perfect casual and formal shirts.

Casual or formal shirt you can design any shirt designed through the online shirt design website. These websites are designed by the  Suit Design Tool Script.fitnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.jpg

Besides, wearing watches to match your professional personality is an other added advantage.  Men in formal shirts and well featured watches would would not only look professional but also stylish. Since the personality development is very important for men who work in a professional field,  the need for wearing a watch is important for time keeping. There are both analog and digital types of watches which comes with excellent trendy designs to match the current taste of young generations especially. Watches are also available in different sizes and shapes such as square, rectangular, round, oval, triangle and many, that also looks very stylish. ThereforeFree Articles, you are offered with ample choices of watches to match your men’s casual and formal shirts. Learn more @ link

Hand-tailored clothing has always been for the well-to-do: refined elitist fashion that fits like a glove but can cost an arm and a leg. Or at least it was, until word got out among savvy travelers about a tiny coastal town in the middle of Vietnam where hundreds of shops filled with fine fabrics and teams of skilled seamstresses lined the streets.

In Hoi An, a few hours south of Hue, even paupers (or in this case, budget travelers) can arm themselves with enough handmade stylish shoes and suits to pass as kings. Hoi An is worth a stop because the clothing discounts are deep and the textile temptations are many. Still, too many days in this tourist-ridden town can result in major headaches and a serious blow to an already tight budget. With these seven tips, travelers will avoid first-time tailoring mistakes, learn how to find the best shops for clothing and shoes, and leave with their wallets (and their sanity) intact, too.It’s easy to get caught up in the purchasing madness of custom tailoring—especially in Hoi An. It’s practically the only industry in this tiny town, and an opportunity to try or buy can be found on every corner.

Today online tailoring is more preferable then the hand tailoring because people do not have enough time for the purchasing .So to save their time and money ,online custom shirt designing .Custom clothing platform script are available to design the shirt designing websites.newwwwwwwwwwwwwcus.jpg

But handpicked items cut and sewn to personal specifications ring in at a price less than a t-shirt from Target, so adding just one more seems like the right thing to do. But one more can quickly turn to five or six. Fifteen dollars easily becomes $85. And while the blow to a budget is bad enough, the damage to a backpack can often be even tougher to handle. Tailor made suits aren’t the easiest things to pack, after all.It’s easy to get caught up in the purchasing madness of custom tailoring—especially in Hoi An. It’s practically the only industry in this tiny town, and an opportunity to try or buy can be found on every corner. see more at link


The Importance of Proper Fit in Menswear

Contrary  to popular belief, men’s dress clothes should always be comfortable.
If they are not, it is the fault of the clothes’ fit, and not of their nature.
Suffering for beauty’s sake does not do a man any good, either; if the fit of a garment makes its wearer uncomfortable, he will look it.
Indeed, a man looks his best when his clothes fit so well he barely notices them.

On the other hand, if his suit or dress shirt are too tight, they will be pulling and choking at every turn; too loose, and a man looks like he has had to borrow some clean clothes from his older brother as he struggles to keep them out of the way.
A man’s clothes send a message to the world about him, and if they fit him well, he will always make a good impression.Good impression comes through the best tailored shirts. Today  shirts are designed through the online websites by their own and it can be finished by the tailor.Shirt design websites are available to design the perfect shirts and these websites are designed through the Custom Tailoring php Script.fitt

Most men today wear poorly-fitting clothes, and it is not hard to see why. The menswear sold in stores are cut to fit as many men as possible, and that means big.
At the same time, the fashion-industrial complex creates new so-called styles by bending or breaking the time-honored traditions in menswear;
Thus it is that designers and commentators may debate whether baggy or fitted pants are ‘in’ this season while neither look as good as the timeless middle-ground.

A good deal of men still rely on women to hold their hands through shopping trips, but since the prerogatives of fit are altogether different for women’s clothing, the results are often sorry.

Finally, when you are buying a garment, the retailer has little incentive to tailor it properly, since nobody seeks out a mall store because he’s heard they do great alterations.
Thus as in so many things, it falls to each man to take responsibility for the fit of his own clothes, and not to be swayed by the prolific selection of poor choices or the dubious influence of models, salesmen, and the opposite sex.
The first step in acquiring properly fitting clothes is knowing what proper fit looks like.see more @ link



San Francisco is a pretty casual city, but there’s still nothing like a dude in a suit, especially when that suit is custom-made, and he designed it himself. Klein Epstein & Parker is a crazy-classy shop that opened up recently in Hayes Valley. They’re all about changing the perception of what it means to shop for a suit. Instead of having to pick the least-worst fitting suit from existing options, men and women can get in on the experience by designing their own clothes and having them tailor-made to the measurements of their body.KE&P participated in our most recent Hayes Valley Microhood, so we sat down with founders Miray & Jeroen Bik to find out more about the shop and what they do.nw fit.jpg

What’s your favorite aspect about what you do?

We believe that what we actually offer is so much more than clothes. Sure, it’s what we sell, but for us it’s really about helping our clients find their own style and bringing their voice to the world through feeling proud of how they represent themselves. The “secret sauce” of what we do is in the structure, fit, and feel of our garments. The choices and details are fun, but it’s all about how you feel that’s the real reward. We have a deeper purpose and mission with which we conduct our relationships. We seek to honor each individual and be a trusted friend along his or her journey.see more @ link

Usually people want to design their bespoke  custom shirt , they want to design their shirt at a perfect level . so to get a perfectly designed bespoke shirt you should prefer online custom shirt websites. If you are a tailor you can improve your business by starting a shirt design websites. shirt designing websites are designed through  Custom Tailoring php Script